No Fake Profiles

No fake profiles – only true girls around here


The problem of scamming is a pressing issue for all dating websites. Though, we are aimed at providing fully safe live video chatting with Ukrainian and Russian girls. There are no fake profiles on the website – our team members check every new woman.

There is a long list of criteria which we use for approving the girls’ profiles. And that’s why we’re so sure that the service is safe for everyone.


Please, note! If you have hesitations about scamming and fake profiles, write immediately to support service. We will check the issue and deal with violators.


Checking the profiles – process and explanations

For men we have a simple type of checking. You may just authorize with your credit card through payment systems. It gives us full information needed to understand that you are a real person.

A lot more troubles appear while approving girls’ profiles. We fight with scammers and need to look trough hundreds of new applications every day. The process is quite difficult:


  1. heart Passport control. We ask every new woman to provide a digital copy of passport, every person can register with us just once.
  3. heart Picture control. Also we check the pictures in order to ensure they belong to the girl. There are a couple of instruments for that.
  5. heart Profile data checking. Our team members read profile details and compare them with passport copy.
  7. heart Personal verification. Usually we call the ladies via video calls and make a small conversation, asking simple questions.
  9. heart Everyday control. If a girl violates the service’s rules, we take a fixed look at her actions and block when we find violations
  10. .
  11. heart Blocking for entire life. If a member violated our rules heavily, we can just block the profile and forbid this person to register again.


These are our strict rules which were established during hard and harassing work. Every single point is the result of our experience. It doesn’t mean that we won’t change the process again. We just want to provide absolutely safe love video chatting with girls for those who need a bride.

Any other security options in here?

We build up our work with partners around Eastern Europe. It helps to shift a lot of urgent and difficult work to agencies. Though, our team is always growing and we put a lot of efforts into creating safe service. Also we ask every member to tell about any kind of rules violation noticed on the website.

You may be sure that our girls don’t want to cheat you. Just have fun and get to know beautiful ladies!

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