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Who is Better?

Who are better – Russian or Ukrainian women?

It’s a hard question to answer but it’s so frequently asked by our members. You can’t compare Russian and Ukrainian girls, and there are many reasons for that. Let’s remember that starting 100 years ago and up to 1991 Ukraine and Russia were one single country. So, the mentality of nations is quite the same with only some differences.

Usually men who are married with Russian girls say that these are better than any other woman in the world. And the man with Ukrainian wife would say that Ukrainians are the best ever. There are different points in which you can make comparison, but actually it depends more on a person than on a country.


Hospitality, children and family – is there a difference?

Well, you will probably see a small difference in some girls of 25 years old and younger. Ukrainians are more open, sincere and hospitable people. And you also have to take into account that your future wife’s parents are also hospitable and kind in Ukraine. If it’s Russia, you’re unlikely to drink some cognac with your father-in-law and try mother-in-law’s national cuisine.


Anyway, in these features Russian and Ukrainian women are the same:

heartthey really love their husbands and can’t live with those who they don’t love;


heartall of them want to have children and will be glad to deliver a couple of kids;


heartthey are wonderful wives who don’t tell a word to loving husband and obey;


heartit’s not common to spend a lot on housemaids and helpers, so you’ll save money;


heartthey are all family-oriented, but still they can work and earn money if needed.

Of course, young beauties from Russia won’t miss the chance to go shopping. But you don’t know many women who can refuse that. Also Ukrainians and Russians are still living quite poor, so they will appreciate emigrating to richer countries. If you provide them help with that, they will be 100% grateful and will do everything to make you happy. At least, that what we get in feedbacks from our members.


What to do if I have a choice between Russian and Ukrainian?

You better look at appearance and personality and forget about national background. Communicate with the girls, choose only those who meet your requirements. Take your time and make sure you check everything needed.

Video chatting on Love-Temptation gives all opportunities to get to know girls and understand their real values. There aren’t any troubles in finding more than enough candidatures to be your wife. And keep in mind that all of them really want marriage with a man from overseas.


Going to Ukraine or Russia to meet your girlfriend

It’s easier to get to Ukraine because you don’t need any visas for that. To fly to Russia, you’ll need a tourist visa. Flight to Ukraine might be more expensive and they are unlikely to be direct from where you live. So, it’s very important to plan your journey and to overlook all difficulties which might appear on the way.

If you decided to make a trip, consult our specialists. They’ll propose you some optimal ways of how to predict all possible troubles. Also we assist at organizing trips to Russia and Ukraine and help you with documents.

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