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Audio Call

We decided that online dating has to be supported by live communication through voice. If you want to call a girl, now it’s possible at Love-Temptation! It is quite simple as we tend to create functions which are easy in use. You can order a call and the girl will accept the date and time, so it’s 100% guarantee that you’ll talk to her.

How to order a call?

1. In a girl’s profile there is a new form for ordering a call.

2. Type in a date and also choose time for a call in this form.

3. The girl gets message and accepts or declines your proposition.

4. You get a letter which informs you on her decision.

5. When the date comes, you need to go to her profile again and push the call button.

6. The button will be available within 1 hour after the arranged time.

Important: Check if you have 75 credits or more on your account. That’s the limit which gives you access to audio calls.

Why should you call a girl? It’s not enough to text or even chat with a girl in video chat room. Sometimes you need to quickly say a couple of words to her or just to hear her voice.

That’s why we decided to introduce a new function which is already in use and is quite popular among users of Love-Temptation. How much does it cost? We use quite a powerful server for video chats and voice calls. So we can’t propose free calls or chats. You’ll pay 75 credits for 5 minutes of chat. If you use any kind of traditional telephone connection, it will cost you much more to call to Ukraine or Russia.

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