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How to Use Site

You have just registered in dating service. Now you are in YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE. Please, follow this simple instruction to be able to navigate our service. FILL IN YOUR PROFILE PAGE STEP

1 In your account page you see a big space with the PLUS SIGN in the middle of the square. This is the place for your avatar  photo that you have to download from your computer or mobile device. Click the plus and download the photo.

STEP 2 You see the list of different pages of the site on the left : Correspondence, ladies, administration, deleted etc. Follow down and search for EDIT PROFILE PAGE. Click Edit profile . You are on EDIT MY ACCOUNT page. On the top of this page you see your Email address, your Gender, changing of the Password Space. All changes you should confirm by clicking SAVE space. Now you can fill in your personal information : date of birth, city, hair colour, Marital status etc. Save the information by clicking SAVE button. While you are editing your profile page on the right bottom of your page you can see the ladies invitations to chat that can occasionally appear. That means that ladies noticed you and invite to chat. If you want to ignore their invitations – just click DECLINE on the invitation page. When updating is successful and you save it - on the top of the page you will see the phrase – YOUR PROFILE WAS SUCCESSFULLY UPDATED . Scroll the page down. You see YOUR PREFERENCES part of your profile. You can download extra photos and your videos here. Also fill in the general information about you and your ideal partner. Don’t forget to SAVE again. Now you can check how your profile looks like. Click My account on the top of the page .


 If you want to start communication with the ladies, you have to buy credits. Credits are virtual, standard units that enable you to purchase all services of our site. If you are on your account page – click BUY CREDITS that is in the green square. Also you can click BUY CREDITS on the left. Then you can see all services that are paid : text chatting, video chatting, writing a letter to a lady etc. Scroll down and you see the money equivalent to each amount of credits. Choose your amount of credits and click on it. The next Internet page shows the possible ways of payment using different payment systems :Card Pay, Multicards or LiqPay. Choose your system of payment and click BUY CREDITS. Then feel in all required information to have the successful payment.

LIVE CHAT To chat with the ladies click LIVE CHAT on the left of your account page. This notice is in pink, so you can easily see this phrase. After clicking you are in a chat room. On the left you see the on line ladies. On the right you see the screen for your camera and the list of ladies who invite you to chat. You will see the envelopes with the chat invitation. If you want to see the questions that ladies ask you – come back to your account page and on the right corner of the computer screen you will see the lady and her questions. If you don’t want to chat – you can decline the invitation. If you like the question and you want to answer – just click to accept.

Some ladies can be on camera, so in the chat room on the left you see the green images of the cameras if the ladies are on. If you want to start the conversation, choose a lady that you like and click on her image. If you don’t have enough credits to chat, you will see the notification about the lack of credits. If you are bored of the chatting sound just click the button ON /OFF on the top of the chat room. In the bottom of chat room you see the place for writing your text message.


You can not only send the text messages while you are talking to your lady. But also you can download photos , send smiles or virtual gifts. If you want to show yourself on camera , just click ON in your camera screen in the chat room and your lady will see you on camera very soon. You should have an adobe flash player to start your camera.


Also there is a unique function for communication – the recording of the voice message. This setting is under the camera screen on the right. Click START RECORDING .You will have 10 seconds to record your voice message. After that you can play it for yourself to listen or send at once to your lady, or delete if you didn’t like it.


On the top of the chat room there is FIND USER settings. You can click there and enter the ID number of the lady you want to write.

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