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Trip to Bride

Travelling to your bride – small tips


Please, note! Before agreeing to travel to Ukraine or Russia to meet your bride, you better check everything thoroughly. Otherwise no one takes responsibility for your safety in these countries.

We insist on safe travelling, so we propose you to get to know your future wife really well before going overseas. Also take into account that you can invite your bride to visit your country. Sometimes it will be even more appropriate than going to Slavic countries by yourself.

Today we’ll give important facts to get ready for going to Ukraine or Russia. These countries are beautiful and they are so cheap to go to. You won’t need a visa unless you’re going to stay here for long or to get a permanent license for living here. It doesn’t happen that often, but still we sometimes assist in such cases.


What should I know before buying a ticket?

It’s a myth that you can easily survive around the world with only English language. In Ukraine 80% of people don’t speak English at all, 15% of citizens know only some basics of it. The same situation is in Russia, where the school education system is in ruins. So, you will need to now at least some common phrases in Russian to get yourself a meal in a restaurant or whatever.

Also keep in mind such facts if you want to marry a woman from Ukraine:


People aren’t too friendly. It won’t be a good idea to ask for some help, people here are centered on their own troubles.


Your woman should know some English in order you could survive in these countries. So, we check English language knowledge before creating a profile.


You may feel free to bring American dollars or euros, other currencies aren’t very common and they have big commissions in exchange points.


Everything is very cheap here, so you probably won’t take too much money, but still make sure you can pay your bills during the trip.


Use taxis; don’t try public transport because you’ll be shocked with these buses and minibuses which aren’t human friendly at all.


How much money should I take to meet my bride?

Creating a family isn’t just about seeking girls from Ukraine and Russia. You need some financial background to organize a trip to your fiancée and also to surprise her with your arrival. Any present will be taken gratefully, so don’t forget about it. The biggest spending for you is the ticket price for plane journey.

Anyway, your budget also depends on how long you are going to be in the country. Approximate minimum amount of money for a month is 500-700 USD. It will be enough nearly for everything. Don’t forget to include some extra money for unpredictable situations. Also we recommend organizing wedding in Ukraine and Russia – it will be much cheaper than in any country in the world.

So, what about going to your bride?

If you are sure that you want to go to single Russian ladies you spoke to, it’s high time to make up your mind. We’ll help you organize the trip and we’ll prepare the meeting. Everything will be ready at the time you arrive. We even can make a surprise for one of our girls and organize everything secretly. Anyway, if you’re going to fly to Ukraine or Russia, take advantage of our help and support.

For any relevant information on trips and other services you may contact us right now. We’ll be glad to assist you in building up your happy family life.

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