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Gifts and Flowers

Gifts and flowers to beauties

Every woman dreams of getting gifts and flowers from her man. And every man gets absolute pleasure while presenting something really beautiful to his girlfriend, wife or just to a stunning woman. It means that presents exchange is a necessary step in developing relations between you and your future bride.

Love-Temptation team understands that and organizes easy possibilities for you. It’s so simple – just tell us what you want to present her, and we’ll instantly make everything to complete that. It may be a small welcoming present or even expensive luxurious thing.

Should I order flowers to the girl I like?

This question sounds weird. It’s the same if we ask: should we buy food to our children, or should we kiss our loved ones. Of course, every girl expects you to present her at least something small and warm. It might be a small bunch of tender flowers, and it will make her much more positive towards you.

It’s easy to present flowers to the girls you really like. Of course, you can’t do that by yourself, for that you would need to go to Ukraine or Russia. But with our help you won’t need to meet Ukrainian girls personally and give them flowers. Order us to do that and we’ll send you a picture to prove it’s been done!


What about little and big presents to girls?

We actually don’t recommend buying absolutely expensive things to women until you personally meet them. After you date Russian ladies, you are free to give them whatever you want. But in our experience we even have such big presents as a new car and a small flat. Everything is possible with the help of our gift service.

It works so easy and has only some steps for you:


decide what exactly you want to buy to your girlfriend in Ukraine or Russia;


we’ll calculate your costs and will ask you to transfer money onto our bank account;


then we try our best to buy everything as quickly as we can;


the girl gets the present and makes a small photoset to send to you;


you may buy nearly anything in this way, but still we can refuse to assist in extraordinary cases.


Also, you can buy the present by yourself in the country you live. After that you just need to pack it and send to us or directly to the girl you want to give it. We strongly recommend using our help. Sometimes there are troubles which don’t allow you to send some types of things to Ukraine or Russia.


Some ideas of what to present to your Ukrainian girlfriend:


Flowers – universal gift which is always welcomed by girls.


Teddy bears and other soft toys – still popular way to impress your girl.


Chocolates – a good idea to bring some happy moments to the girl’s life.


Jewelry – astonishing present that will strongly change the girl’s attitude to you.


Clothing – be careful with this category, but Ukrainian ladies will surely be grateful.


Is it better to buy presents in Russia or in my country?

It’s usually better to purchase presents in Ukraine and Russia. There is some strong evidence of that. First one – you don’t need to worry about delivery – as soon as you transfer the money, your gift will be bought and given to the girl. Second is the price. In Slavic countries everything is quite cheap, so you won’t need to spend a lot of money on any type of gifts.

A bunch of flowers in Ukraine costs approximately 25-45 USD, so you won’t spend too much money on that. After you invite Ukrainian bride to your country, flowers will be much more expensive, so use this moment.

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