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Sound Notifications

Tune your sound notifications easily with us

On Love-Temptation you can easily tune up everything in order to make it comfortable for using. One of our latest updates – turn off and on the sound notifications for those girls who you want to speak to.

It means that other members won’t disturb you. You can go on playing a computer game or doing some housework around. You will hear notifications only for chosen beautiful ladies for online chatting.


How does it work?

It’s a very easy function to use. You just need to visit the profile of any girl. In top right corner you’ll see a music note icon. Just click on it and check if it has the red line over the icon now. It means that you turned off the sound for this particular girl.

The function is really easy and it offers such advantages for members:


Don’t pay attention to unknown people trying to get you to the chatting rooms.

Chose a close circle of beautiful Ukrainian and Russian girls in order to speak only to them.

Don’t miss your favorite ladies when they appear online and send you invitation to chat.

Turn off the sound notifications for those members who annoy you by different propositions.

Remember that you can turn it back on whenever you want without any limitations at all.


The option is completely free, you won’t need to pay any extras for using it. As our experience shows, people really like to apply such option. It’s especially useful when you have a really wide circle of communication. Or it can help on the contrary – when you have the only chosen girl to speak to and you don’t want others to disturb you.

Should I turn off the sound notifications?

We actually recommend you to check the settings and revise them from time to time. If you turned off the sound notification for some particular Russian mail order bride, don’t forget to turn it back on when you start speaking to her. It happened that out support service workers dealt with such situations and assisted members to reset these settings.

We do our best in order to make the service better for you. If you have any propositions, send them via e-mail or right into our support section.

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