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Our Couples 2017-2022


I’ve been a sad and grumpy widower for 6 years. Children flied to their colleges and I started living alone in a large house with bad memories. At first friends helped me, they were with me almost every day, then - once a week, and then less and less often. Loneliness didn’t allow me to sleep and work. I stopped going out to the supermarket, buying any normal food, I even resigned from my job. But one day everything changed. 

My son advised me to go to this website. He met his wife on the internet; they have been together for 9 years now! He said that here I can find not just a friend, but a companion for my whole life. And it really happened. Today I'm 58 years old, and I found here kind and passionate woman. We began to chat, sent mail to each other, and then we met. She came to visit me, and for 2 years we’ve been living together. I want to say how much I’m grateful to my son and to the parents of my today’s wife. And especially my thanks go to this website administrators who provided all needed help and support on the way.




Friends often introduced me to different girls. I met so many of them and had small term relations so many times I can’t even tell you the exact amount. But it all didn’t come to something more serious. I was too stressed, I wanted to do everything right. I bought them gifts, we met couple of times, but these relations didn't go further than only walks. So, I ended up being single 49-year old guy. I have neither family nor children.

This website helped me to create a real family. I registered absolutely by accident. I did not take this as an opportunity to create a serious relationship. But I met nice girl here and we became friends. I didn't say anything my friends until the last moment. You see, if I don’t listen to anyone, everything comes to happy ending. So it happened in this case. I'm glad, that I found this bride paradise and found my true love in here. Don’t be afraid – take your life into your own hands. If I did it, you can do it, too!

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