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Your Chances

What are my chances to get married?

Have you heard about people who got married just after a week of relationship? And have you ever realized if such couples have real family happiness? Love isn’t the instant feeling you get after looking at beautiful prospective wife. It’s something more like care, ability to bring happiness, wish to give something warm and pleasant. So, we can’t answer the big question about your chances to get married.

There are plenty of possibilities on Love-Temptation to get a girlfriend and to organize your family life. And we aim at improving those chances every day.

What are the perspectives of becoming a husband here?

This website provides not only access to Russian women seeking men but also proposes to find the love of your life. It should be the choice of both sides, so we don’t recommend you to push on girls. You will surely develop your perspectives with a simple strategy based on next tips:


don't try to make girls like you just with chatting – try to chat on simple funny topics only;


it’s better not to bring up any marriage questions in the first month of communication;


try to conquer the girl like a real gentleman – we’ll help you send her flowers or small gifts;


 don’t make any unreal promises – it won’t impress the girl and will only make everything worse;


 chill out and have some fun – show yourself in communication and don’t build up anything.


Imagine you are on a real date with a girl – you will instantly feel what you have to do. Remember one simple thing – you are seeking for the love of your life. And you’ll have to be honest with a girl because she’s your prospective wife. Don’t invent any facts from your life, otherwise you’ll feel miserable when everything reveals.

Tips to get married faster for our members only:


Feel confidence in looking for girls in our catalog. It’s so easy to date Ukrainian singles that hundreds of men already did it and found their real happiness.


Don’t rush. It’s too bad when you don’t have much time because of an old age or something. But it’s better to calm down and stick to our tips.


Reveal yourself and be honest. Believe us; you really deserve a wonderful wife with great appearance and personality. You’ll see it very soon.


Use live video chat with our beauties. It helps to create really close and warm atmosphere between the two of you, that’s why we always insist on that way.


Don’t pick up the girl only according to her appearance. Look at woman’s personality, chat with her for long enough to understand everything you need.


Don’t wait for too long. Maybe, if you don’t propose a girl to meet in two month of speaking, she’ll start searching for a different man.


What to do if a girl refuses to meet?

You won’t probably marry a woman if you never had a real meeting. So, it’s a natural step after you had enough of internet communication to meet in real life. It might be in Ukraine, Russia, in your country, or somewhere else. But sometimes girls refuse to do that and don’t tell the reasons. Be ready to assist and give all needed help for a woman in this situation.

In such case first thing to do is to ask directly if there are some troubles which stop a girl from dating you. Maybe, she can’t get a visa or doesn’t have money for a ticket. We’ll provide consultant help and also organize any type of tours, but you have to inform us of that.

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