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Giving Tuesday ! Get ready to do good actions !

Name:Anastasiya, ID: 21166
Category:Ladies' Posts

Good morning everyone who likes to do good and kind activities in this life ! This day is super special !
“Why? ” - you can ask me ! Because that is GIVING TUESDAY !!!! The holiday that motivates us to do kind actions to other people.
Sometimes we think that it is so difficult to do something good. But what is this "Good"? How many actions we need to call the action good ??? Actually we don't need much at all ! You know that just a smile is a good deal !!!! A kind positive word – is a good de...

Thinking of you at Thanksgiving ....

Name:Yana, ID: 22598
Category:Ladies' Posts

Dear Friends !!!! Today is a SPECIAL HOLIDAY for all American citizens !!!! Do you remember its name ???? I will help you to remember ! That is THANKSGIVING Day ! Congrats !!!
During this day people give thanks for what they have. Families and friends get together for a meal, which traditionally includes a roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie.
Of course no parades this year, but to gather together this day would be so nice !!!!
And we can gat...

What can't I imagine my life without?

Name:Tatyana, ID: 23236
Category:Ladies' Posts

Without which I cannot imagine my life... Well, there are many things that I need to do every day, thanks to which I feel free and easy. But among all the rituals, I can single out the most important. And this is... DANCE.
Moving to the music in a delicate cape, lace lingerie, or even naked, I feel sexy, feminine and light sowing. And as you know, these feelings add up to raise women's self-esteem. I urge all women to love their body, do not be ashamed of it. And for this, dancing in front of th...

Have you ever heard about Sadie Hawkin's Day ???

Name:Marina, ID: 23948
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello all lovers to read the blogs in this amazing dating service. You know – these days I have found out one special holiday whose name I have never heard before !!!! You know all over the world people can celebrate different holidays every day but I have found out that these days A SPECIAL HOLIDAY called “Sadie Hawkin's Day” is celebrated.
It is special because this day all single women CHASE all single men !!!!! The woman can hunt her man !!!! But of course not in direct meaning but a ...

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