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Name:Olga, ID: 19641
Category:Ladies' Posts

RED WINE…. It can make a man drunk … it can make him forget about problems and deliver him to the paradise of imaginations and sweet dreams….the form of the bottle with red wine is like the figure of the woman… well-shaped… seductive… mysterious … you don’t know what is inside of this bottle but you know that if you try that … you will forget about everything….. you will try the depth of the feelings drinking that red sweetness…
But what will be if the WOMAN IN RED will be that super sweet ...

How to help someone addicted to gaming

Name:Olga, ID: 21384
Category:Ladies' Posts

I know that gaming could become a real problem, my ex-boyfriend was addicted to gaming. So I would like to share with you my thoughts.
How to help a video game addict
The first thing you need to do when you identify a friend or relative who has a gaming addiction is to talk to them with a friendly tone and to suggest other activities they should do with you. Another best way to Let them know that while you do enjoy playing games with them, you would also want to do other activities with this...

You tamed me, but I don't want to be tamed by you anymore;)

Name:Olga, ID: 21384
Category:Ladies' Posts

A woman wants you to notice when she is sad, listen to her when she had a bad day, ask about her exceptional joy that day she seems to be beaming from ear to ear. She wants you to notice her, to see and follow up on any changes.
I let go of people I wanted to keep around forever...To me that becomes my real strength. If you know me, you know that my heart is big and my love is unconditional. If I let you go, it was for reasons that don't need explanation, other that it wasn't was yo...

I respect men

Name:Tatyana, ID: 21549
Category:Ladies' Posts

I respect men. They make life more interesting, they give a hand, open the door, buy chocolate and dresses. They meet us at the airports. They will go to war if there is a war. They are brave.
I respect men. They say: “No question”, “No problem” - and there are no problems, however, ...

They come for us to the university, to work, they take us away from foreign guests, bring us home and cover us with a blanket; they like to look at us without makeup, they take us in their arms, if there is a pu...

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