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Are you ready to tame such a wild mustang like me ???

Name:Steve, ID: 15825
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hi guys. New year holidays are over and we should come to reality. The reality is – I AM STILL SINGLE! I need a woman! A passionate woman! A wise woman! But I am afraid about such fact that I got used living alone and when I find a woman - will I be comfortable with sharing living space with her ????? You know – when a man lives alone without a woman, he gets used to do whatever he wants – come back home when he wants, eat what he wants, snore when he wants. But when the time comes to be tog...

Meeting New Year in Dominicana

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

All Ukrainians connect New Year and winter time with frost and snow and cold season but this year was so special for me. Because I met New Year 2022 at the Atlantic ocean in the Dominican Republic. That was really amazing to see Christmas Tree but in a warm country, Santa Clause when the weather is 28 degrees above zero. Isn’t that fun? )))) Fun and unusual !!! Different countries : Ukraine and Dominicana but the tradition of meeting New Year is the same – parties and all night long.
But f...


Name:Marina, ID: 23948
Category:Ladies' Posts

Have you ever seen the canned New Year socks ???? If not , then be in a hurry to make your man happy with this amazing funny New Year Surprise ! I am sure that this innovation in the modern world will make happy a lot of people because everyone likes surprises . Especially the surprise in a bright New Year Can with many wishes and funny jokes will just make intrigued everyone.
I have faced such a lovely intriguing present in one of the Internet sites and decided to make my father happy wi...

Secrets about how to make your boring house work fun !

Name:Evgeniya, ID: 26203
Category:Ladies' Posts

Women in Ukraine like making fun from any boring work that they do at home. In such way life seems much more positive and the mood can be playful and light. As for me when I cook I like to create some funny game with the ingredients that I use. For example, when I cook the dumplings , I can play with the flour and make my cheeks white )))) When I cut the cucumbers for the salad I can cover my cheeks with the cucumbers juice and that is not only good for skin of hair but also makes fun and I c...

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