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Arranged marriage or love?!?

Name:Ruslana, ID: 19654
Category:Ladies' Posts


We are living in the 21 century and in our understanding couple spend time together and dating, and get into marriage because of love ! But our world is big enough and still there are happening arranged marriages! If really I can not understand it. I know that statistics says that in most cases, couples who had an arranged marriage are more understanding to each other. But I could not live with person who I don’t know, who I don’t love!

I want to feel butterflies, giddiness, an unsoli...

How relationship should looks like??

Name:Kristina, ID: 19498
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello everyone!
I would like to tell some my thoughts about love, marriage and wise relationship. I know everyone knows everything about these things, but I want to add my thoughts.

I know most people don’t trust to marriage any more and they have reasons for it. I should say that one American couple inspired me from my childhood. Yes yes! From age when I was a little girl. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are my ideal of how should looks like real Love and Real Marriage.

I am sure ...

Romantic will be all around if I am with you

Name:Viktoria, ID: 21208
Category:Ladies' Posts


Name:Olga, ID: 19465
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello my dear! I wanted to talk to you! I noticed that you are interested in such bright women as me, but are afraid to talk to me. Therefore, I will speak first! In fact, I'm shy. But I can’t be stopped by the desire to know you better. Well, look, I am writing “hello” in the chat, and just waiting for your answer. It is so simple. What are you doing at this moment? Looking at my photos? It's great. I am ready to give you such photos again and again! By the way, what kind of photos do you like ...

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