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Do you enjoy life to the fullest?

Name:Tatyana, ID: 21549
Category:Ladies' Posts

Do you know the most important thing? Finding time to communicate with yourself. Finding time for peace, time for enjoying life. Amid chaos, amid tasks, amid fatigue, amid demands and obligations.

Stop Look out the window. Look at yourself in the mirror. Smile at yourself. Make yourself something tasty. Do something cool. Write to a good person. All this will not take a very long time, but you will remember that life is what is happening to you right now. And that any moment can be made a momen...

magical moment

Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

We are constantly tested for strength. Someone is coping, but someone is not. Just for some, life is a kaleidoscope of adventure with the wind in your hair and the sea on your lips. For others, it’s a series of disappointments and total despair. But for everyone, without exception, life teaches you to always be prepared for surprises before hoarseness at the bends ...

- Every day, God sends us - along with the sun - the opportunity to change everything that makes us miserable.
And every day we ...

What is love?...

Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

“And even if you found out, wouldn't you be jealous?”
- To be jealous? Why on earth?
“And what if I thought of a woman from my past, being next to you?” Would you not worry that I could leave you for her? To survive?
- No.
“You probably don't love me.”
“You don't understand what you're talking about.” Love has nothing to do with jealousy and fear of losing. I love you, but if you want to leave, because you cannot forget another woman, it will be good. This will be true. Because if you stayed, it...


Name:Tatyana, ID: 21436
Category:Ladies' Posts

Women are created to love, to be beautiful and to understand their ability to inspire love. Men are created with this void within them; this need to grow in awareness enough to invite love to enter this void. When a woman chooses a man to gift her love too, he finds purpose in life, his void is filled, and the richness and beauty of this world becomes ever more brilliant for him. The reflection of a man worthy, is the beauty of a woman, and only for the man strong in compassion, confidence, and ...

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