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About beautiful slavic women !

Name:Abdullah, ID: 21951
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Autumn outfit….. What does that mean ? Well, women just adore wearing their net tights showing their fantastically good-looking legs under the short coat and making men crazy ! Isn’t that wonderful? Also they like wearing something classical – short warm skirts and the jackets and I love that so much ! I am in Kyiv now and I am watching the ladies who are passing by . I am drinking my morning coffee and thinking about beauty of slavic women. Oh my my !!!! Long legs in high heels ! Long ha...

Romantic story of rose petals

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

About 5 years ago my parents and I lived in a nice apartment. The girl, who was our neighbor and she was 16, dated with a boy who was 18 and the day when she had the birthday he brought the petals of roses and threw them on the ground near the door where she lived. The path made of roses led to the elevator and also the petals of roses were there. That was such a nice romantic moment ! So touching and thrilling ! I remember this day so well when I opened the front door and saw those peta...

Food for thought

Name:Rob , ID: 20988
Category:Gentlemen Posts

We are what we eat!
Did you know the appearance of some foods is related to the part of our body most benefited by the nutrients in that specific food? For example;
Walnuts look like our brains because, Omega- 3 fatty acids are rich in walnuts, and help our brains, in fact fats are the only nutrient our brain utilizes. So when someone calls you a fathead, that's not so bad actually.
Kidney beans, shaped like our kidneys, are full of fiber to help eliminate waste. Kidneys are the filter of ...

Autumn romance

Name:Marina, ID: 23948
Category:Ladies' Posts

Do you like warm bath dear? Do you like how the warm water covers your body and you feel how each inch of your shapes just relax more and more. And then the door opens and your second half is coming inside…. You are opening your eyes and you see a glass of champagne in the hand of your second half. Your second half is sitting next to you and just splashes the top of the warm water waking you up. How wonderful to have such relaxing moment when everything is warm – water, feelings and emotion...

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