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I have met my happiness here and you ?

Name:KURT, ID: 21570
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hello guys . I want to tell you my story here because I know that my dream has come true and I am a happy person now ! I dreamt to find my true love and I have found her here !!!!I want to share my happiness and encourage others not to lose the hope but go forward in searching for a bride and your dream will definitely come true !
I am a man who sometimes was in depression because I couldn’t find the one who can be my second half. I dreamt about a serious woman who will be concentrated in...

We like it HOT

Name:Tatyana, ID: 23236
Category:Ladies' Posts

Sometimes we just need to have something spontaneous. Don’t get me wrong — it is all about romance. Sure, we want the flowers, the candlelit dinners, the long walks along the beach.
But, sometimes all we want is some HOT loving right now! We want that special someone, whispering those sweet, a little naughty, so called nothings in our ear.
It’s great to have that delightful, lovely type of romance in your life, but sometimes we just want it with a side of obscene lovemaking. Wild, passionate, f...

Respond on Yana’s letter

Name:Gary, ID: 21642
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hello ladies ! Hello dear Yana who wrote the blog yesterday ! True words, by the way ! Yana , dear, I like your life experience , I like that you noticed everything very correctly ! Girls actually do the same for men ! I also have some examples from my communication with women. The same situation – talk , dreams, plans and disappear. Girls sometimes also stop writing and the man can’t understand why the girl stopped writing. Typical situation. Without any explanation.
I will tell you honest...

My advice for girls who are in search of a foreign husband !

Name:Yana, ID: 20212
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope all of you are experienced users of dating sites and you know many many different situations that can happen when people try to build relationship on the distance. I would like to talk today about situations that happened to my friends and me personally using the International dating service.
The situation is - You can talk to a man and see that he is serious about you , you chat almost every day and you see that you really have much in common. In the ...

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