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Lviv my love place

Name:Anna, ID: 27586
Category:Ladies' Posts

LVIV, I dreamed of going there. so the cards were formed this time and I didn’t resist. I always associated lions with Prague, everyone says so, even though I wasn’t in Prague, but I decided to think so in my head, but when I saw this city was buzzing for two days to Eve that it was like paris. on the way back in the compartment we were traveling with an elderly man, he is from lions, and he also said this phrase: “Lviv are like paris”, and even with all the magic of such associations, he said t...

my beautiful Lisbon love my Portugal

Name:Kateryna, ID: 27584
Category:Ladies' Posts

I remember the first time I saw the sunset of my dreams, it was Croatia, since then I have been a fan of this miracle of nature, every time I see this, I feel childish delight.
In the first photo and the last photo of Lisbon, we went out to buy delicious chocolate, and saw how the sky was flooded with the color of hell, narrow streets, a tram from the beginning of the last century, as if teleported to the modern world, the tiles on the pavement shone polished, and reflected on the houses in the ...

Sport is part of my life

Name:Kateryna, ID: 27584
Category:Ladies' Posts

Sport can be a powerful tool for personal growth, encouraging us to stay disciplined and focused on our goals.

Constant work on ourselves develops endurance in us not only in training, but also in life. sport allows you to explore new ways of personal development, organize and structure yourself.

Sometimes a whole new life begins with a decisive step. So why not challenge yourself today by taking the first step towards big change?

Because inaction leads to feelings of anxiety and fear, but wh...

life is beautiful because it teaches me to love

Name:Karina, ID: 27673
Category:Ladies' Posts

I am not a simple person at all.
I am a woman with fire, with pepper, with character...
Things may be different with me, but I'm definitely not sad.
I came to understand, that life is such a thing that passes, it just goes and has its own plans for me.
I believe that everyone should be happy and for that we don't need to look into our passports and think what others will say.
Happiness is a personal thing. To get it, you need to accept yourself and love the world around you.
I want happiness, d...

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