Thanks for the letters

Name:chidi, ID: 15777
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Sweet ladies ! Dearest Russian and Ukrainian women ! Thanks a lot for your letters that you send to me. All of you are fantastic future brides and I am sure that you will find your men here. I would like to communicate via mail with all of you , but so sad my health is not so good now. I was riding a bike two months ago and it was an accident.... I The stone on the rode that I didn't notice. I fell down and broke my leg. I had to stay in the hospital first but then I spent many days at home in l...

And what is your decision?

Name:Tatiana, ID: 18420
Category:Ladies' Posts

It is so interesting for me to know how the men get the decision to search for a woman from another country )))) who motivates them to do this and look for the girls who are from absolutely different countries in mentality and ways of life. I know that sometimes a man looks at the happy family of his friend who got married to ukraine woman. The man sees how happy his friend is and that his wife is easily getting used to the traditions of the foreign country. ALSO Sometimes the men have unsuccess...

Beauty is in the eye of the gazer !

Name:Olga, ID: 17056
Category:Ladies' Posts

People say that the beauty will save the world . These words are known everywhere. A beautiful nature, lovely landscapes, good-looking people around – this all can make the people in the world happy. And maybe just MEN created a special holiday that is called the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF BEAUTY . This holiday is celebrated on the 9th of September and usually in many countries THE BEAUTY CONTESTS are organised in this day and it is so pleasant to look at pretty young women wearing lovely night dresse...

Fall in love can happens in the FALL season

Name:Ljudmila, ID: 16100
Category:Ladies' Posts

Autumn......Early September …..The rustle of the golden leaves under your feet ..... still pleasant warm days and you feel how last warm summer days are behind ….. But you know that autumn is also a beautiful time ! The time when you can fall in love and this Fall in love can happens in the FALL season. You see how wonderful leaves are flying around, they are falling down step by step making a brilliant carpet on the ground and when I look at all this beauty I dream about something pleasant with...

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