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7 letters you need to have time to write in your lifetime.

Name:Julia, ID: 26376
Category:Ladies' Posts

It's silly to deny the virtues of electronic communications. But they have one major drawback: they can never convey the warmth we feel and the joy we feel when we write a real letter. Of course, traditional mail should not replace our online communication. Letters "the old-fashioned way" should become an enjoyable hobby.
Think about how great it is when you have one or even a few pen pals you can write a real letter to. Imagine: you open your mailbox and find the message you've been waiting for...

Eletro cars

Name:Tatiana, ID: 26491
Category:Ladies' Posts

Let's talk about cars!I saw McLaren live once. Honestly I want to try the speed! Now electric sports cars can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds! I tried this in a Porsche Taykan! it is incredible that electric cars have surpassed gasoline cars! What about ecology? What do you think about this? They say electric cars are almost impossible to dispose of normally, then it is considered that they are worse! It's amazing how we live in the era of Tesla, but in the end, what...

BDSM-is it time to obey or dominate?

Name:Valeria, ID: 26546
Category:Ladies' Posts

Is it possible to be liberated in our time, many and many people are asking this question, I feel the power of the Earth in me.As if my feminine nature needs a masculine one.Does BDSM mean anything to you?Let me dominate and obey in this difficult time.If your heart responds to the same games, you can write that

To be helpful is important….

Name:Yulia, ID: 21906
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello everyone ! I am so happy that I have this chance to write to you and just I want to share something special to inspire other people to do some good things to help each other.
These days everyone is afraid of their lives, we open our eyes and we don’t know what this day brings to us – the blue sky or the dark smoke….. People who saw the dark smoke just ran … they escaped from the east Ukraine to the central part to find help and support and the shelter. I am not aside of this situation and...

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