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Manifestation of instincts

Name:Nataliya, ID: 20226
Category:Ladies' Posts

I have mom and dad, no sisters and brothers. My mom is lashmaker and working in beauty salon, my dad is
businessman. They had rather hard relationship during all life and dad had a lot of lovers but in the end he
returned to my mom and now they live happy. I don't know is this right or not, but If they are happy I won't
judge them. In all families the term of right relations is different and generally men are polygamous, so from the
one side may be it is a manifestation of instincts. That'...


Name:Katya, ID: 19478
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi my sweethearts)) How are u?
Travel is one of the most favourite activities of most people. Why do so many people love to travel? Everything is simple, when a person travels, he knows the world around him and himself. That’s why my the biggest dream is to travel. I’d like to see some other countries and to explore them. I have always been interested in learning new languages, cultures and traditions.
Therefore, the main goal and dream in my life is to visit as many countries as possible, inter...

No trains ! Take cars !

Name:Jesse, ID: 15823
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hi everyone ! Nice to meet all of you ! I am a single man who spends his time at home. For me this place is the real garden of roses and tulips, chrysanthemums and lilies. Because ladies are beautiful and talking to them I get pleasure . This summer I stopped staying at home, I wanted to have some interesting adventures and meet those beauties who I admired the most. Actually I decided to meet two girls but they lived in different towns . One of them lives in Kyiv and the other girl lives ...

Your hidden talents !

Name:Anna, ID: 16052
Category:Ladies' Posts

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