Romantic trip during St.Valentine's Day

Name:Yulia, ID: 16047
Category:Ladies' Posts

HAPPY ST. VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE !!!! I am sure all of you have the great mood today, don’t you ? The men are in a hurry to send kisses to their ladies but the ladies are in a hurry to prepare sweet Valentine’s cards for them today !!!!
I am sure that the other part of the day all lovable couples will spend it in a romantic way. If I were with my second half ( my heart is still free ) I would suggest him the unusual way of spending this day !!!! yes yes !!!! I read about this in one of t...

Let’s start preparation for this holiday

Name:Anna, ID: 16052
Category:Ladies' Posts

Not so long ago New Year holidays have been finished but it is February and we have another holiday ….Do you remember which one ? Oh yes ! That is the special day of all people who love each other. Did you guess what holiday I am talking about ????? I am giving you thirty seconds to think )))) but I am sure you don’t need this time to think because you will give an instant answer …. Yes ! You are correct ! It is St. Valentine’s day !!! Are you waiting for this holiday? Do you dream to spend it...

Winter brings joy

Name:Alina, ID: 19177
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi, I'm Alina. I think here I can write more about myself. Maybe we have a lot in common ?

I will start with my favorite hobby - skiing. This is a very good sport. I think it's one of the best winter Hobbies. I learned to ride two years ago and now I ride every year. Do YOU know how to ski ?
There is another reason to love skiing, it is very good slopes, beautiful snow-capped mountains and incredible nature and clean air.
When my friends and I go on a winter vacation-it's really a vacation f...

Taking care about animals shows the character of the lady

Name:Olga, ID: 17056
Category:Ladies' Posts

My warm hello to all readers of the Blog room ! My name is Olga and I see how many ladies and men write their thoughts here and sometimes it is very important to share some ideas and experience with somebody who can accept and understand your feelings and emotions. And I am sure that people who write blogs here are open for discussion and can read and accept the opinion of others. That is very important.
This time I want to talk about special creatures that are around us… Are you intrig...

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