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My "fairy tale man"

Name:Yuliya, ID: 25121
Category:Ladies' Posts

In my odyssey, amidst the skepticism, I stumbled upon a living embodiment of the fairy tale man. He stood before me, radiating qualities thought to be lost to time. His bravery was evident in his unwavering resolve to fight for what was right. Chivalry flowed through his every action, extending kindness and respect to all. His words carried the weight of wisdom, guiding souls with profound insight. In him, I found the living proof that the fairy tale man existed, breathing life into virtues deem...

improving not only the appearance, but also the soul

Name:Julia, ID: 27932
Category:Ladies' Posts

Many girls now only care about improving their appearance, I won’t hide it, I also like to make up, look beautiful, but it’s also very important to develop your inner world, don’t you agree? It is important for me to occasionally go to the theater, watch a documentary, I have a special love for books, I dream of a home library in the future, which will contain from 1000 books of different genres, from classic novels to science fiction. Books allow us to open the soul, replenish vocabulary, impro...

The Pain of Betrayal

Name:Elizaveta, ID: 27876
Category:Ladies' Posts

Before registering on the site, I thought that women do not cheat, or cheat very rarely. I was wrong, I heard a lot of sad stories about cheating women and was very surprised, and even more surprised by the reaction of men who hold a grudge for many years, because I thought men, unlike women, just forget and move on with a new chosen one or so on. I don’t have many male friends, I grew up without a father, so I didn’t discuss the topic of cheating with men much before, plus I think this is not t...

You can open more in me

Name:Victoria, ID: 27054
Category:Ladies' Posts

What i am looking for in my second part? The person who would feel me from the first moments of our communication! Who would see how sincere i am and who would act the same!
I believe that many things depend only on people and their intentions and if they want to get something - they should work on it and i am very interested in working on my happiness and the success in my relations. I think that my partner would be someone who is having nice sense of humour and who is very joyful and very fri...

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