Do you like massage?

Name:Alina , ID: 18133
Category:Ladies' Posts

Do all people love pleasant sensitive massage ? Mmmmm..... I think
everyone will tell YES answer. Strong slow movements of the hands give you
so much pleasure and you want more and more.... the magic hands...they
relax you....they give you the opportunity to forget about your life
problems and make you dream.... do you know this feelings ? yes ?.... But
this time I want to suggest you something very special, something that
will make your heart beats stronger and faster....
The thing is - I work ...

would you like me to cook for you?

Name:Marina, ID: 16051
Category:Ladies' Posts

I am thinking now.I am thinking about something very special and very
important for my special man. Are you interested in this ? Well, dear....
I am thinking about the thing that will make the relationships very
interesting and special, fascianting and full of unforgetable
emotions...These are my dreams. They are connected with special breakfast
Just look...I want to cook for you some special morning dishes in special
clothes...what will that be? Oh ! this special dish will be two cup...

Men do not exist - real or fake.

Name:Julia, ID: 16130
Category:Ladies' Posts

Outside the world, in which we as mothers and housewives are closed in our "female" communication, men surround us everywhere, and if to look attentively, then many of their affairs, sometimes even the most ordinary ones, are real Acts.
And all because they have Power - Power of body and spirit. That's why they are Men.

My unmarried girlfriends often complain: "Now, I can not find a real man."
But do you need all men, or maybe a hundred of men? Or one who is matching you, which for you will be...


Name:Anzhelika , ID: 16093
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi Hi)
The relationship between a man and a woman affected everyone, at all times.
A woman is a symbol of beauty, and a man is a symbol of strength!!!
What happens if 2 combine these symbols???
What can interest a man in a woman?? The question is complex, but, nevertheless, it is possible to answer it. But, I will never find an answer to it myself if you do not help me to do it.
Sincere beauty of a girl, may interest you? Oh sure! But, the first thing you see, and what, you pay attention - it's...

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