Name:Jacob, ID: 18337
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hi sweet ladies ! One lady wrote here about natural wish of people to communicate. That is correct that communication for people is important and without it people can’t live and especially men can’t live without communication with women and vice a verse. But let’s predict the situation for future ! Let’s imagine this site in ten years ! what ways of communication we will be able to have?
What we have now – letters, photos, voice messages, chat room, cameras, seeing each other…. But in ten ye...

What is she looking for?

Name:Alina, ID: 19485
Category:Ladies' Posts

Touch my world with your fingertips... Find the enigma of happiness... I really think that I know what it is and how to get it in family life full of love, care, and understanding! What is a woman looking for? Like poor Diogenes, a woman walks with a lantern in the daylight searching for a man in her native home place. All she sees around her is green youths spoiled by female attention, unwilling to take up the load of other people's problems, yearning only for entertainment and pleasure, and re...

lady in red

Name:Oksana, ID: 19464
Category:Ladies' Posts

" Lady in red is dancing with me...cheek to cheek" The words of Chris De Burgh's famous song which conquered the hearts of men all over the world. It's an embodiment of everyone's dreams to touch and hold a woman in red. There is a wordless magic in this image. She's like an icon to pray for and to be sung by the men. Maybe it's because of the mystery which this colour has carrying a silent message of desire and passion? Nobody knows the secret of this phenomenon but admire and delight such a la...


Name:Olga, ID: 19465
Category:Ladies' Posts

Why do you think women perceive red in the clothes of another woman as a signal of war? But men take red as a signal of passion. And that's what I found out.
For example, a woman, having seen such a tint in the clothes of even an unfamiliar lady, intuitively perceives her as more sexually liberated and accessible, from which you need to protect your man.
Men, on the other hand, perceive the red color of the woman’s clothes as undisguised sexuality, a signal to action, and acquaintance. If such a...

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