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About beautiful slavic women !

Name:Abdullah, ID: 21951
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Autumn outfit….. What does that mean ? Well, women just adore wearing their net tights showing their fantastically good-looking legs under the short coat and making men crazy ! Isn’t that wonderful? Also they like wearing something classical – short warm skirts and the jackets and I love that so much ! I am in Kyiv now and I am watching the ladies who are passing by . I am drinking my morning coffee and thinking about beauty of slavic women. Oh my my !!!! Long legs in high heels ! Long ha...

Food for thought

Name:Rob , ID: 20988
Category:Gentlemen Posts

We are what we eat!
Did you know the appearance of some foods is related to the part of our body most benefited by the nutrients in that specific food? For example;
Walnuts look like our brains because, Omega- 3 fatty acids are rich in walnuts, and help our brains, in fact fats are the only nutrient our brain utilizes. So when someone calls you a fathead, that's not so bad actually.
Kidney beans, shaped like our kidneys, are full of fiber to help eliminate waste. Kidneys are the filter of ...

Response on Yana’s blog

Name:Wilson, ID: 15820
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Yana ! My dear girl! This is a response on your blog ! I must say that I adore women’s legs! Of course I love them more if they are straight and neat and the feet have fantastically beautiful polished toes ! Oh those toes ! mamma mia ! They just make me crazy when I am looking at them! Different bright colors on those small nails – how wonderful it is! One of the reasons why I love Ukrainian women because they take care about their legs ! And that is really very important when you are so cl...


Name:Rob , ID: 20988
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hello again,
Are you a stargazer? Do you get away from city lights enough to enjoy the night sky? As a truck driver, I have crossed the central plains, and the Mojave desert- very few electric lights. The vastness of the cosmos is astounding.
Now we can enjoy the Perseid meteor shower. In the northern sky from midnight till dawn, the Earth's orbit crosses the path of the Swift- Tuttle comet. Dust from the comet enters Earth's atmosphere and produces the light show.
Nature's wonders are a...

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