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Are you ready to tame such a wild mustang like me ???

Name:Steve, ID: 15825
Category:Gentlemen Posts

Hi guys. New year holidays are over and we should come to reality. The reality is – I AM STILL SINGLE! I need a woman! A passionate woman! A wise woman! But I am afraid about such fact that I got used living alone and when I find a woman - will I be comfortable with sharing living space with her ????? You know – when a man lives alone without a woman, he gets used to do whatever he wants – come back home when he wants, eat what he wants, snore when he wants. But when the time comes to be together with the woman – well…. The man has some limits and restrictions. The life of the man changes completely and the whole life that the man had before has to be changed. Is it easy for a man to do ?
Your never know when you meet your true love, right? That is why you should get ready for changes in any moment of your life.
As for me I am already totally alone for 10 years. I tried to find a woman locally but their physical conditions were not for my taste. I like ladies with small breasts and long hair. In my local area we don’t have such women at all. That is why I registered here to find my true love – a girl who needs a caring man who will give her his heart and soul, who will give her everything that he has. The other question if she understands all of those things that were done in name of LOVE ! But this is the other topic for conversation – am I right ?.....So , dear readers, dear ladies who read my blog – MY HEART IS TOTALLY FREE for those girls who have long hair and small breasts , who have lovable hearts and ready to tame a wild mustang like me. Just tame me , I want this so much !

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