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Great Easter “Knocking” game !

Name:Tatiana, ID: 24821
Category:Ladies' Posts

All people in Ukraine are waiting for Easter holiday! Four days of having rest between May the first and the fourth for all people all over Ukraine is an incredible Easter gift this year.
Normally Special Easter services are held in churches and many families celebrate the day with a special Easter meal. Easter meals often include the Paskha (a type of Easter bread) and an egg painted in red.
An Easter basket is filled with pysanky (decorated eggs) and blessed early on Easter Day in many hom...

Faeton Retro Cars Museum in Zaporizhzhia

Name:Yuliya, ID: 25121
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello there! Apart from beautiful ladies in my city you can also find vintage and retro vehicles. Faeton Retro Cars Museum in Zaporizhzhia contains a wide range of Soviet and post Soviet cars, motorcycles, bicycles and military vehicles. It also has a small arms section. There are many American cars beside cars of the USSR) Lots of military vehicles , motorcycles and equipment from days past such as records players, radios etc. lots of variety to maintain anyone’s interest.
The museum is a ...


Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Everyone knows that life is an unpredictable thing… you never know when you meet your love. You can search your love in different corners of the world but this person who can be your closest one is next to you and you just can’t realize that.
Life gives wisdom. People become mature and with being mature they become wise. But even being smart and mature and experienced you still continue searching for your love.
Searching for love is not an easy task. You can find and then lose it , you can ...


Name:Evgeniya, ID: 21670
Category:Ladies' Posts

Do you know that women own special assets !!! These assets are magical and can attract any man that just look at these assets…. Do you know where they are hidden? Oh women can’t keep those luscious assets in the bank…they don’t like keep them at home under the bed…. these are special assets that are kept in the decollete. Admiration or critics? The main thing that there is no indifferent person in the questions of these assets.
When you are together with your partner you can show your assets...

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