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Autumn romance

Name:Marina, ID: 23948
Category:Ladies' Posts

Do you like warm bath dear? Do you like how the warm water covers your body and you feel how each inch of your shapes just relax more and more. And then the door opens and your second half is coming inside…. You are opening your eyes and you see a glass of champagne in the hand of your second half. Your second half is sitting next to you and just splashes the top of the warm water waking you up. How wonderful to have such relaxing moment when everything is warm – water, feelings and emotion...

Are lady’s legs in your top favourite list?

Name:Yana, ID: 20212
Category:Ladies' Posts

Everyone knows what men like in women. That is not a secret at all. Lovely shapes have always caught men’s eyes. I started to ask my friends what part of women’s body they are looking at. And in top three was LEGS !
oh yes ! Straight long legs with high heels – always look beautiful, elegant and sexy. And when a man starts touching these legs….. looking at them, looking at the neat toes polished with bright colors , that just touch men’s eyes and wake special feelings up ! When these le...

Let’s prolong summer with love

Name:Zhanna , ID: 24881
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hey guys ! Today is September,2nd ! Do you believe in this ???? Do you believe that summer is over and autumn came ???? Why do the season change each other so fast ! If we have summer outside – we have summer inside ! But autumn brings already not good weather and we start having depressive thoughts. The life of human beings is strange ! Our mood mainly depends on the weather !
But does the weather important when love lives in a heart???? When you love you always have summer inside ! Whe...

Wanting to love and be loved is a normal human need, like air, water, passion.

Name:Inna, ID: 24879
Category:Ladies' Posts

Autumn is the most insidious time of the year. Is everyone ready for it? )) I think everyone managed to warm up their wings in the sun, even if they did not go to the beach)) Summer turned out to be too hot)) I even managed to get burned well))

Autumn is a very romantic time of the year for me. When you want a bright coat, a warm scarf, hot cocoa or chocolate, boots, a bright umbrella and a book) Just the perfect combination. And in the fall, I want romance, hugs, loud fun in the park, throw po...

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