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Feet massage ! Something new in our massage parlor !

Name:Yana, ID: 20212
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone! Have you heard great news ????? In my city was opened a special massage parlor ! This massage parlor has a special service )))) you will never guess it. Then I will tell you! They have a FOOT MASSAGE service ! Have you ever had one ???? I had it and I loved that a lot !!! !Now you will know how everything happens.
You are wearing the swimsuit and go to the Jacuzzi, the water is very fantastic , full of oils and pleasant flavor. That relaxes you about 10 minutes and then a lady or...


Name:Anna, ID: 20910
Category:Ladies' Posts

Let’s create something special and unique ! Intrigued? Well, I know that most people like eating sushi ! That is really fantastic food that can make people happy with its taste and different filling inside. You can try sushi with salmon and cucumbers, shrimps and cheese….whatever ! But today I would be glad to create our own sushi called PASSION ! Do you like the name of this set?
Hmmmm… what would I like to put inside? Well, A pinch of love that I have in my heart, three pieces of Passion,...

Bubbly drinks – bubbly emotions!

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Playful sparkling drink in your hands…Cheers ! How wonderful that we have the special drinks that can reflect the excitement associated with memorable events. When something happy happens in your life- engagement or meeting of New Year or just a birthday of one of your relative – we always have a glass of champagne, Cava or sparkling wine in order to join the pleasant events that happens. People understand the importance of use such kind of drinks as the fantastic ritual to be one union at th...


Name:Tatiana, ID: 22599
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was walking down the street and saw two young men. They were going pass by me and then suddenly one of them turn to me and told – Congratulations with the International Blonde Hair Day, beautiful lady ! I was surprised and reasked him if he is sure that May,31 is the Day of the International Blonde Hair. Oh ! That was the truth !!!! Unusual holiday. Indeed, it is. The first celebration of this international Day took place just a few years ago.
The men know more th...

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