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Bubbly drinks – bubbly emotions!

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Playful sparkling drink in your hands…Cheers ! How wonderful that we have the special drinks that can reflect the excitement associated with memorable events. When something happy happens in your life- engagement or meeting of New Year or just a birthday of one of your relative – we always have a glass of champagne, Cava or sparkling wine in order to join the pleasant events that happens. People understand the importance of use such kind of drinks as the fantastic ritual to be one union at th...


Name:Tatiana, ID: 22599
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was walking down the street and saw two young men. They were going pass by me and then suddenly one of them turn to me and told – Congratulations with the International Blonde Hair Day, beautiful lady ! I was surprised and reasked him if he is sure that May,31 is the Day of the International Blonde Hair. Oh ! That was the truth !!!! Unusual holiday. Indeed, it is. The first celebration of this international Day took place just a few years ago.
The men know more th...

I am happy being here

Name:Kristina, ID: 18140
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone ! I am a Bride who comes from a well-know country called Ukraine. I have registered here not so long ago and now see that I did totally correctly. So many days my friend so many days tried to convince me to register here. But actually I have never believed that I will be able to find a man in a dating site. I stopped believing that. But now I see that I was not mistaken and I am so happy that my friend didn’t lose the hope to convince me in registration. I like when I was aske...

Do not deny yourself anything)

Name:Inna, ID: 24879
Category:Ladies' Posts

hello))) how long have you been blowing bubbles ?? How long have you been running after the ball? Do you think this is a kindergarten? Not at all, little things like that can be fun, right? So why should you deny yourself this? What difference does it make how old you are? 50, 70.90? What will change? Will you stop selling soap bubbles? Or do you think people will laugh? People around do not care at all)) Live in high ... do what you like and enjoy this life!

This is your life, your rules, you ...

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