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BDSM-is it time to obey or dominate?

Name:Valeria, ID: 26546
Category:Ladies' Posts

Is it possible to be liberated in our time, many and many people are asking this question, I feel the power of the Earth in me.As if my feminine nature needs a masculine one.Does BDSM mean anything to you?Let me dominate and obey in this difficult time.If your heart responds to the same games, you can write that

To be helpful is important….

Name:Yulia, ID: 27193
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello everyone ! I am so happy that I have this chance to write to you and just I want to share something special to inspire other people to do some good things to help each other.
These days everyone is afraid of their lives, we open our eyes and we don’t know what this day brings to us – the blue sky or the dark smoke….. People who saw the dark smoke just ran … they escaped from the east Ukraine to the central part to find help and support and the shelter. I am not aside of this situation and...

All women are mercenary or resentful men

Name:Inna, ID: 27037
Category:Ladies' Posts

Good morning ) I would like to share a little story from how my day started. It was warm enough, I decided to have breakfast at a small caf near my house. There was a couple sitting at my table, and the man was complaining that all girls are mercurial. I was immediately surprised, since the man looked about 35 years old and looked good enough. Why the reasoning of a grown man? I doubt he knows all the girls, at least he doesn't know me )) Lol ))))

Might as well say that all men are polygamous,...

Bought some red lipstick the other day.

Name:Anneta, ID: 26372
Category:Ladies' Posts

... Having painted her lips red, she went out into the street this morning. The terrible weather immediately made me forget about everything except the melting snow, puddles and slippery paths. But the interested glances of men passing by reminded me of the chosen color. The psychologists seem to be right :)
Men, however, as far as I understand, do not divide the image into components, do not perceive eyes, lips, etc. separately. They evaluate in general: like - dislike. And they don’t understan...

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