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“ Honey is so sweet that finally it is bitter. Excessive taste kills taste. " - William Shakespeare

Name:Julia, ID: 25549
Category:Ladies' Posts

Dear Readers! Hey! I want to say right away that here I will publish some of my thoughts and if you want, I will be happy to discuss these topics with you! It will be something like my diary, in which I will write what I think and my worldview on some things! I open my thoughs to you.
This is my first post here and I would like to start it poetically and romantically! Today I would like to discuss with you one expression that after reading once, and it does not go out of my head!
William Shakesp...


Name:Tatiana, ID: 24821
Category:Ladies' Posts

There is one special tradition in different countries that just attracts me a lot and I consider it pretty interesting ! But before I describe it I would like to ask you – WOULD YOU LIKE TO TASTE A GLASS OF WINE WITH THE TASTE OF THE LEG ??? Maybe you will say NO , but you should know that in Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal and many other countries the grapes is pressed by the legs. And not only men do this – pretty legs of women just do the same… Tender feet just press fantastic red juic...

Bikini here! Bikini there ! Bikini everywhere !

Name:Anastasia, ID: 21131
Category:Ladies' Posts

What do you think dear men if all women wear bikini and that would be our usual clothing and outfit. Would your eyes be happy ??? I am sure that all men dream to see as more of the open woman’s body as it only possible and bikini is just exactly the outfit that helps to make men more happy looking at the women around.
Summer is just the time to show beautiful shapes of the women’s figure and show everyone how beautiful Ukrainian women are !!! During winter time Ukrainian women work hard in t...

Do you want to escape from summer heat with me ???

Name:Yana, ID: 25538
Category:Ladies' Posts

Summer came and the heat is oppressive sometimes. What will resque you from summer heat? Shadow ??? Cold Lemonade??? Air conditioning ??? Ice cream from hands of your beloved ???
Everyone has his or her recipe. And all of them are just really great ways not to suffer from the heat.
What about my way of heat escaping ???
Mine is - water ! More water! Water everywhere ! Water that will give the total feeling of freshness to my whole body! Water that will cover me completely!
I just adore s...

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