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Wanting to love and be loved is a normal human need, like air, water, passion.

Name:Inna, ID: 24879
Category:Ladies' Posts

Autumn is the most insidious time of the year. Is everyone ready for it? )) I think everyone managed to warm up their wings in the sun, even if they did not go to the beach)) Summer turned out to be too hot)) I even managed to get burned well))

Autumn is a very romantic time of the year for me. When you want a bright coat, a warm scarf, hot cocoa or chocolate, boots, a bright umbrella and a book) Just the perfect combination. And in the fall, I want romance, hugs, loud fun in the park, throw po...


Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Catch my congratulations everyone who considers himself or herself a true Ukrainian! August the 24th 2021 was the 30-th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and I am sure that many girls from this site who are Ukrainians they celebrated this holiday outside. Oh yes ! As far as I am concerned Ukraine is not only famous for its beautiful girls. Our motherland also gave world-famous names in space development, developments in medicine and technologies etc. Really, beautiful women are not the...

What looks more delicious – peaches or my feet ???

Name:Tatiana, ID: 22599
Category:Ladies' Posts

Have you ever compared all these two notions – peaches and lady’s feet? In romantic relationship everything can be easily connected, especially when people love each other and they never set boundaries in loving each other. Of course the answer about preferences in the question about peaches and feet should be given by man. Only men understand a fine line that can connect or disconnect peaches and lady’s feet. For men feet are something special in relationship. Men can give so much attention...

how important is nightwear for a girl?

Name:Yuliya, ID: 25159
Category:Ladies' Posts

Because a woman should have a lot of beautiful lingerie !!! It is important both for the woman herself - to feel desired, and for the man - to admire and enjoy beauty.
A real woman should radiate the confidence and sexuality of her beauty and the power of her charm. Well, you can't do without beautiful underwear here!
Today it is difficult to surprise a man with a naked woman. A man craves excitement. Therefore, it is much more interesting when a woman intrigues and charms. The forbidden fruit i...

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