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Name:Daria, ID: 27049
Category:Ladies' Posts

I often did not work out with men because they were afraid to be with a smart woman. A smart man will take this as a virtue and a big bonus if his woman is smart. And for men who are not ready to be someone better in this society it is difficult for women who develop and make themselves and their partner more successful and better every time.
If you read the subject of my letter and continued to read this letter, then you are a smart person and you know it! There are fewer and fewer smart people...

5 studies that are changing the way we think about sexuality.

Name: Agnieszka, ID: 26968
Category:Ladies' Posts

Scientists have examined our stereotypes about sexuality: preferences, reactions to erotic images, scenarios of sexual behavior. The results were quite unexpected
The traditional view of sexual behavior instructs a man to protect a woman and provide her with everything she needs in exchange for her fidelity. But psychologist Christopher Ryan, co-author of Sex at Dawn, encourages us to take a broader view.

The scenario of sexual behavior habitual for us has developed in an agricultural society...

Simple steps to harmony in intimate life.

Name: Agnieszka, ID: 26968
Category:Ladies' Posts

Be honest about your desires.
Do you think your partner will be able to guess that today you want something soft and tender, and tomorrow, for example, you will be ready for experiments and games? Sexologists advise frankly voicing your desires and telling your chosen one which actions you like and which ones cause discomfort. The only thing is that experts do not advise raising this topic after a hard day's work. And it is recommended to arrange an evening of revelations on the weekend.

Get ri...

Why do we want to bite our loved one?

Name:Barbara, ID: 26972
Category:Ladies' Posts

Have you ever had an irresistible urge to bite your soul mate? If you think of it sensibly, then this desire may seem rather strange. How can you, having tender feelings for your beloved, seek to hurt him? Why do we want to bite or even eat a loved one whole? However, this behavior is quite common.

Gigil (gigil, Tagalog, Philippines) is an irresistible desire to pinch or bite a loved one, which is caused by an overabundance of feelings for him.

The desire to bite a person is usually manifested...

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