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Sewing a dress as a favorite pastime.

Name:Yuliya, ID: 25159
Category:Ladies' Posts

Each person has a favorite hobby, many try to benefit from what they love, just like me.
I enjoy sewing while passing my time with a needle and thread. I can say for sure why sewing is so enticing. I have my own opinion on this matter. I can do sewing for both leisure and business use. In the context of romantic relationship -both a man and a woman should have hobbies and they should be accepted by each partner. When you have great results in your hobby - your partner is happy for you, if you ...

When is the best time to search a man from another country.

Name:Veronika, ID: 25799
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello everyone! I am a new girl in this dating place and I decided to write a blog and my thoughts about me being here. Well, to tell the truth I long time hesitated to have my profile in the dating place or not. I thought, well, I am young I will possibly have many chances to find a Ukrainian man to be happy with them. And as I think now that was my mistake. As a girl couldn’t find a boyfriend in her own country till twenty-one years old it is the best time to think about searching for a ...

What can decorate woman’s legs better ???

Name:Tatiana, ID: 24821
Category:Ladies' Posts

Just have a look how wonderful my legs look today ! Oh! I am so happy to open this amazing world of having such lovely paintings on my legs! Legs really can be decorated not only by nature but also with human beings. People are creative creatures and they just create different things to decorate themselves and I was lucky to have the piece of Art over my legs to be more attractive. Do you like my legs? )))) I hope, yes )))
This Art is called Mehendi and it takes its root from India and other A...

Montenegro impresses !

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello my dear friends! You know ! I am under impressions now ! Under fantastic unforgettable impressions that I got having been in Montenegro! Oh ! That country just impressed me the most! That country just touches the heart of everyone who has been there at least once! I can’t forget those mountains and canions of rivers, those sunsets and islands around ! Just amazing country! I have never seen more romantic views than those ones from Montenegro.
For Ukrainians this country in the time of pan...

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