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Your happiness is in your hands. Agree?

Name:Dina, ID: 18483
Category:Ladies' Posts

Knock knock to the door of your hearts dearest readers of my blog. Holiday time – amazing hot time when you eat, drink and eat again and then socialize with relatives and then again eat but with your friends ))) and then go to the New Year tree and then eat again buying food in the local street shops.
Ukraine now is busy with this holiday time and full of brightness everywhere. Actually I feel that I am tired of holidays. Why ? I can tell you that when you celebrate the holiday just with parents or friends and you understand how people happy when they celebrate holidays with the second halves – you also want this.
I know many people don’t like holidays only because they are lonely and there is nobody near them to celebrate the holidays. Such people even don’t like celebrating their birthdays. I felt the same feelings. But then I understood that nobody will make you happy if you don’t make you happy by yourself. You should have positive mood and make a holiday for yourself inside of your soul. Of course when a man has an energetic lady who doesn’t like to stay at home and during the holiday time she invites you to go to the Christmas tree or go to the relatives to have noisy chatting time with them – that is good. But you also should have the wish to be happy and give your positive energy to the people who are around you. And then you will never feel yourself lonely. That is why this year I decided to make the holiday for my soul by my own hands. I just left the house and went to my parents and to my friends, I bought some cakes and Christmas presents and started to make people happy. And that made me happy too. My mood rose up and I understood that it is not good when you wait the calm weather from the sea… you just should do something to be happy during holiday time and also during your life.
During this holiday time I want to wish all ladies to become brides next year and all gentlemen to be the grooms this new year !!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone !
Yours Dina

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