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The faster – the better ? I don’t agree )))

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
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Hoooray ! Finally we have real warmth outside ! It is the crime to stay at home during such amazing days, isn’t it? Travelling is the best thing not to stay at home, agree? As for me I adore travelling and I like getting lots and lots of new impressions visiting different places of interest. But I prefer travelling by bus more than travelling by plane. Many people tell me that travelling by bus is wasting of the time but I don’t agree. When you travel by bus you can see everything around, you get much more impressions looking at the houses of different countries and how people live in the villages and run their yards. Yesterday I came back to Ukraine from Finland ! Amazing country full of wild nature and forests. Oh yes ! Travelling to one side took almost two days !!!!! But during those two days I travelled by ferry and walked in some cities in Estonia and Poland. If I travelled by plane – I would never see the beauty of the Baltic sea , or the foxes and deer in the Finnish forests and other cute things . But travelling will not be so interesting if you don’t have anyone to share the impressions. The best way is of course to travel with the second half, when you can share your emotions and impressions . Travelling together will give the lovable couple deep connections and that will make the relationships stronger and deeper.
I have never had experience to travel with my second half but I am sure that in my future that will happen. That is my real personal dream.No problems if this travelling will be by plane or by car. The main that we can be together ))) what about travelling by bike ? Ha ha ) I am really open for this ) why not ) We will try all possible ways of travelling because the main aim is to be together and make each other happy. Do you agree with me?
I hope that in this dating place I will find a man who will give us a chance in this site and come to meet me and we will organize a fantastic trip around Ukraine. I know some wonderful places )))) Join my company, I will be a nice guide)
Have a nice day , dear readers of my blog !
Truly yours, Anna

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