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The KISS on first meeting!..... All that you have to know!

Name:Katya, ID: 21473
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When you first meet a girl you like, you may want to show your interest by kissing her. However, when you first meet someone, it may be difficult to determine if she is interested, comfortable, or ready to kiss you. If you take your time and pay attention to her body language clues, you can confidently and respectfully go in for a kiss. If you pay attention to how she is standing, look for frequent eye contact, and give her time to respond to your advances, you can kiss a girl on the first meeting.

1.Signal your interest through open body language. When you are chatting with a girl on your first meeting, pay attention to your body language to make sure you are sending out the right signals. Avoid crossing your arms and legs, which can make you seem closed off and unavailable.Keep your arms relaxed and your body turned toward her while the two of your interact. Keeping an open posture throughout the conversation will make it more obvious that you would like to kiss her.

2.Make frequent eye contact. Keep your head up and make frequent eye contact with her. Hold her gaze for two to three seconds as she speaks. Not only will this signal to her that you are comfortable around her, but it will show that you are attracted to her.
Don’t look down at the floor, your shoes, or your phone.

3.Lean in halfway. When you are about to kiss her, lean in about 90% of the way. Since you have only recently meet, it is a good idea to allow her to realize that you want to kiss her. If she is interested, she will lean in the rest of the way. If she turns her head away, she is not interested.

4.Part your lips slightly. As you lean in for the kiss, part your lips slightly and relax. Close your eyes, and gently press your lips onto hers.
Be sure to breathe through your nose while kissing.

5.Pull away slowly. After the kiss, pull away slowly and maintain eye contact. Pay her a compliment, go in for another gentle kiss, or kiss her on the cheek.
Use this time to ask her if she would like to go on another date. Tell her that you would like to spend more time with her.

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