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Hi to everyone!
Today I want to touch on the topic that in my opinion is relevant and important for absolutely everyone.
We live in the world where almost every our action deals with the use of various gadgets or smartphones. Mobile phones haven't been causing admiration to nobody for a long time, they have already become a necessity, a modern human considers them not just a means of communication, but a part of his life. And just gadgets make our existence more comfortable, more interesting and easier. But there is another side of the coin. Being constantly distracted to the gadget, we ourselves do not understand how our significant and close person suffers from it.
Remember at least the one situation from your life when you communicated with a person, and he ( or she) was constantly distracted to the smartphone. I am sure there are millions of such situations! To be distracted to mobile phones has become a habit for all ages and this is the main reason of a bad attitude towards them of their second halves and friends. Especially this is harmful in romance to young people who should, for example, pay attention to their girls and not look in the phone every second. Do you agree with me? I don't want to offend anyone with my thoughts. I just raise the problem, which, in my opinion, is the problem of all humanity.
You know, in times of my childhood we haven't got smartphones yet. But how fun it was! Now when I hear a kid calling his friend in the courtyard under the porch, I involuntarily smile)) This is sooo lovely)) And believe me, these children are really happy because they communicate without using phones. They talk a lot, play and spend time together! Similarly my friends called me on the street for a walk, and I called them also. We gathered together in the courtyard, played hide and seek, played in classics, in various outdoor games with and without a ball, we stole apples in the neighboring garden (yes- yes !! how without it?!))). Who did not do this, he does not know what a real childhood is!
Modern children have smartphones. Yes, certainly children of this century are completely different. But after all, they can not tear themselves away from their smartphones! And this is a trouble!
Yes, it's great when you quickly need to contact someone and have a favorite smartphone on the hand! The progress of science moves forward. But what awaits us next? You know, soon all the problems we will probably solve only through a smartphone. But we need to talk, to see eyes of each other, and not only the text in the smartphone ....
Every time when a significant person for us distracts to the phone, it hurts us, even if we don’t try to pay attention to it. After all, a partner in fact prefers his phone more than us. Is it so?
If you didn't know, smartphones are the one of the most popular reasons for parting between people. And in fact a gadget is a source of conflict, which leads to quarrels, and quarrels, as you understand, undermine satisfaction of relationships and it makes us feel unimportant.
Psychologists identify 8 signs that you are addicted to a smartphone:
1. During the meal you are not able to take your eyes off the gadget;
2. You always keep your smartphone in a hand, even in the process of moving down the street.
3. You very quickly grab your smartphone in the presence of sound signals, even if you had previously talked, for example, with a colleague;
4. During the spending time together ( an outing, a birthday of friends, a walk, a date) you spend a lot of time learning something in a mobile phone;
5. You are afraid to miss something very important in the news feed;
6. You uselessly flips through something what you have already seen on the network;
7. You want to spend most of your time not with people, but in the company of your gadgets.
8. At the restaurant, before you make an order, you find out the password to use the Internet.
If you have all these signs, my congratulations, you are among those who are dependent on gadgets!)
You know, I did not simply write about it to the blog. Communicating and working with people a lot, I see a tendency of misunderstanding. And it arises, as a rule, due to the fact that people have not said something, misunderstood, because a gadget will not convey those real emotions that are in your eyes, voice intonation, facial expressions on your face and your non-verbal body manifestations. I had also an experience in my life when relationships were destroyed because of a gadget, but did not me had these signs of dependency)
We all want an attention and of course, I would like to be a special, meaningful and beloved girl for my man. I am not against gadgets. But FIRST ME, THEN A GADGET!))
Therefore, I wish to myself and to everyone to find the second half, which will love you, value and support, regardless of whether has he (or she) a gadget or not! I am sure that You Exist!)) YOU only have to write me)!

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