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Nice day brings loneliness… how is that?

Name:Irina, ID: 20083
Category:Ladies' Posts

Nice day it is today , a little bit windy but nice ! But it is not so nice in my heart…. Because I am feeling loneliness somewhere deeply inside. I am often online in this dating place with the aim to meet my man, to find the one who I share my life with. But I hope and hope ….but actually feel loneliness. I am a mature lady and sometimes my friends tell me that I have to stop my search and be concentrated more in travelling and enjoying life. But how I can enjoy life when I can’t share it with anybody !!! Logically ? I can’t tell myself that everything has been finished in my life and loneliness will be with me. But I see so many happy brides around me , happy faces, happy feelings and I also want that in my life. I want to open my heart to new emotions and feelings ! I want to open it for the one who will understand me and accept me as I am, the one who will understand that maturity of the woman is important for him. I dream to spend time in travelling with my man and enjoy every moment of the life being together.
Maybe I tell the ideas that are well-known for everyone who is here but actually they go from the deep corners of my heart and we are all people and we have the same feelings and emotions despite of living in different continents and countries.

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