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Independence day - Independence in relationships ? the same?

Name:Marina, ID: 23948
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Hi everyone ! It is late time to write a blog but i wanted to share somehting with you. This day I decided to spend on the central city square where there were different performances and interesting workshops. Oh yes ! Special day for my country - THE DAY OF INDEPENDENCE ! It is a nice and special holiday for all countries , when you are free and independent and can build the relationships with other countries. Actually i am thinking about one thing now... Can a woman be independnent when she is getting married? What is that to be intedependent for a woman who has a husband ? I think that in relationships you should be independent. If to be clear - you are half-independent because you can choose hobbies for yourself and also you have time for your friends and communication but you also should discuss many quesitons with your life partner and see if your life partner loves this or not. With your life partner you are an Independent cell of the society, an independent family and couple who can choose the family direction together. Also any couple can choose their own day of Independence - it can be their day of marriage, or the day of their first meeting in person. Like a country that has the Independence day , the couple also can have this day. Why not )))) i love the idea )
So the quesiton of Independence in the relationships is important I think. YOu can be dependent or addicted to lovable feelings and a lovable person because you can't live without this man or woman. But also you should be independent concerning the choice of the hobby or different activities or business.
If you agree or disagree - write to me, I will be happy to discuss this topic with you.
Your Marina

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