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Passion or love?

Name:Oksana, ID: 19663
Category:Ladies' Posts

I think you will agree that people are more wise with age and people who came to this site to find love also already are wise and have experience in love, dating and maybe in marriage already too. I have a question to you as an adult and wise person, do you confusing passion with love? I think you will agree that both passion and love could be similar in the beginning. You want to see person all the time, you want to kiss him, you want to cuddle him and of course doing other hot things together. People are confusing that sometimes and think that it is real love, but in fact later they understand it was just passion that passed really fast after certain period of life. Did you have similar experience or similar situations in your life before?
If we would date, could you determine fast what feelings do you have, love or passion? I would really like to hear wise and interesting thoughts for this topic, because I really want to have a wise and smart man in the future, with whom we could communicate on any topics and never be bored together!
Do you want to find wise and intelligent woman? So you know where to find me)Wink))

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