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Shopping together ? But who is this person ???

Name: Kseniya, ID: 11018
Category:Ladies' Posts

Good day everyone ) Are you ready to talk about the world of shopping ? Mmmmm…. It is my favourite topic for conversation . I can discuss different fashionable trends for much time because I adore buying things and especially new clothes. I am sure that doing the shopping and visiting many shops on foot it is a special deal, especially when you do this with the correct person. I am a female and of course I have many friends. They are clever ukrainian girls and very fashionable women. But if to choose between a man and one of my friends among the girls… Hm… I would choose for such special deal A MAN ! And now you will understand a reason.
As I have many friends among ladies , why should I take a man with me. I will answer very easily. When I take my friend with me , the girls can’t give a good piece of advice. They always hesitate to tell their opinions and I can’t understand whether my friend likes the thing that I am going to buy or not. There is always a stupid situation ))))) I am telling the seller that I am going to buy these clothes and suddenly my friend tells me – don ‘t buy because I saw some problem in this thing. But I am sure that ladies just don’t want me to look more beautiful than them.
So I dream to go shopping with my man and that is not because he might pay for me ))))) no – no ! )))))))))) I am sure that the man can give me his man’s point of view about this or that piece of clothing.
Tell me , what person would YOU like to choose in going shopping ???
I am waiting for your letter )
Make me happy with your reply !

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