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Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

Love does everything better.

Do you know this wonderful state when everything is just beginning? When you start to suspect that the person with you is also happy. When he smiles, his smile brings a smile to you. When you do not just say that you are drowning in your eye, but because you really feel it. When you just begin to notice that every sensor of his body is beautiful.

When you are embarrassed that you are slowly starting to plan with him your future. And let your plans only that you will lie on the bed together, watching movies. When you only guess that he loves you, but you still don’t know about it.

We all dreamed of sitting in front of him in a stretched T-shirt and with tousled hair. We dreamed that your parents would not call you and call him. We dreamed of having breakfast together. They dreamed of telling about their dreams. We dreamed of sitting in a circle of friends, but holding hands with him. We all know such a state, appreciate it, let the heat fill your body. And yes, damn it, how am I in love with him.

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