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Strong man’s shoulder

Name:Meri, ID: 21960
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello all men who are reading my blog about something very important for all female creatures who live in the world ))) Now I am going to speak about women’s feelings…. But these are not those special feelings called love. These are the feelings that we call the feeling of being protected by the man. Women by their nature are not strong , they are much weaker physically than men, so all women need to be protected by the men. A lady should feel a strong man’s shoulder not only at night but also in daily life too. A Strong shoulder means man’s support in daily life, physical help in house holding, financial support of the family. In such way a woman will feel herself protected from any life situation and will give her man respect, love, happiness and positive
emotions. A woman will know that she is loved by her man. And for women it is very important to know this.
When a woman sees that her man can solve many difficult life situations and looks very confident in doing this , she respects her man. She understands that she made a correct decision when she gave her heart to this man because in the future he can defend their family.
Do you agree with my thoughts?

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