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How to choose a present for a girl you date online?

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During online dating many people start real relationship. And the drawback of the situation is that the most adorable and precious phase of this relationship is happening in the internet. It means that a man can’t make surprise for his love and the girl can’t get all those bunches of flowers and small presents which show the real attitude of a man to a girl.

That’s pity, but thanks to modern services you can rearrange everything and make it really great according to classical rules of the first phase of relationship. Men are usually afraid that girls want a lot of expensive presents. But actually we don’t care much about price. Let it be a small thing just to remind that you remember your girl and want to make her happy. We are happy just because you give attention to us.

What kind of presents you can give?

Ukrainian and Russian girls aren’t likely to be very happy of too expensive presents. We start feeling in debt when we get a big sum of money or let’s say a new car as a present. It’s possible in the future if you really feel that the relationship is strong enough and you want to comfort your girl. Don’t hesitate – we love gifts! The only thing you need to think about is what kind of a present will be appropriate for a certain event.

I want to make an example with my friend who is also here, at Love-Temptation, looking for a partner. She’s always been dreaming about a dog of a special breed (I don’t remember its name). And once a guy who she was chatting with, ordered this dog secretly and organized delivery to her flat. It was hard to do, and he probably spent a lot of money. Now she can’t communicate with this guy anymore because she feels that she owes a world to him. It’s important to not push to your girlfriend’s mind with the help of presents.

At first you can present a bunch of flowers using local delivery service. Also at Love-Temptation there is a huge catalog with presents. So, you can easily choose some things out of it. You can also present some beautiful dress or some certificate to a shop with lingerie or clothes. We love buying new pretty things to look gorgeous for you! But keep your first presents at low price level. Otherwise a girl will feel that you want to “buy” her with your gifts.

What are the events for presents?

In Slavic countries women actually never wait for a present. They will be OK if you don’t give a gift for birthday or forget about some anniversary in the future. But we are happy as small kids when you remember some important event and try to make some surprise. We like getting small presents just for good days with no event for this. But there are some special events that are great for choosing a little surprise.

Write them down:
1. One month after you started communicating. It’s a huge event because usually couples in internet chat with each other for 2-3 weeks. Choose a small and pretty gift for such day.
2. One year of relations. Here you need to think big. Let your present still be not very expensive, but it has to be creative. Don’t limit yourself with the flowers or air balloons.
3. Birthday. We actually love when you remember our private date and give presents to us. Once my boyfriend (also online) gave me a golden watch. We split up after 6 months, but I still remember him with warm emotions.
4. March, 8. In Slavic countries this date is Women’s Day. So, every woman needs attention and wants to get some small presents. You may congratulate your girl with this day and make her really happy.
5. Valentine’s Day. It’s a very popular holiday in Ukraine and Russia and you won’t be a cool boyfriend if you don’t congratulate your woman with this day. Be romantic when choosing a small present.

As you see, there are lots of events which you can use for giving a small present to your girl. Once you feel that your girlfriend gives you back some love and appreciation, you will give presents more often. The statistics says that couple exchanging presents often stay longer with each other and form some special type of love.

What about huge and expensive gifts?

Here, in online chatting, it’s not likely that a man will want to give a huge and expensive presents. But we have examples when after 2 years of communication the girl got a flat. The situation was quite bad and she was very poor, so a guy from the USA decided to help. Now they are a lovely couple with 2 small kids. If you want to make a really expensive present, then you’d better come to your girl by yourself and try to find out what’s that she wants. After that your expenses will be absolutely efficient.

So, are you going to make presents to your online girlfriends now?

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