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Tunnel of love ! You can see it with your own eyes !

Name:Aliona, ID: 16513
Category:Ladies' Posts

Have you ever heard about a Tunnel of Love? …No ? So I can tell you . It is a lovely romantic natural place in Western Ukraine ! All lovable couples can visit this place ! I decided to see this place with my own eyes during these May Holidays and was really impressed by its beauty ! You can see in this photo how it looks like. Just imagine ! How you and me , holding our hands, go along this fantastic place and think about our feelings and eternal love ! We will go along this long long tunnel and will listen to the forest silence and birds’ singing. And then… we will take the ribbon and hang it on the tree and that will be the symbol of our love….I think you know how lovable couples hang the locks over the bridges…but in Tunnel of Love you should hang the ribbons on the trees… sounds romantic ??? ..Look ! I can be your sweet guide in that place… let’s arrange our meeting there, ok ?
Your Aliona

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