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greedy man! )))

Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

And I like greedy men. No, it's not about the money. The greedy is the one who says "Mine!" And you feel this truth with every cell, thought, color ... Such a guy does not even share his woman’s eyes. He is a kind of proprietor in everything and from his strength blows the hell out of him ... From him he blows a fleur of a man and his greed in studying his woman both physically and internally.
He is a special breed - passionate, domineering, real. With him you are a woman and you want to say the words of tenderness and scream love. Behind him is like a solid wall, and he is more important. And such a man does not ask, just takes you in an armful of yellow tulips and leads him. He smells of devotion, courage, honor and he wants to give up without a brain explosion and belong. It is not easy with him, but without him it is not easy.

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