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5 stereotypes about women

Name:Marina, ID: 22063
Category:Ladies' Posts

5 stereotypes about women
1. The women are less intelligent than men.
There are representatives with high level of intellect and also with a low level among women. But researches show, that average intelligence is higher in females. But sometimes, we can make a fools of ourselves to get something, what we want! So, men must be more vigilant.
2. The women work worse than the men.
The women showed a long time ago, that in a lot of professions, which don`t connected with hard, physical burden, we are equal to men.
3. The women like different trinkets.
Have you ever fallen of thinking, why girls like it? There is an answer. Because it attracts men. Women wear usually cozy pajamas at home, and these trinkets we wear only for men, on dates for example.
4. The women are more, them men
Researches show, that on average, 107 boys are born 100 girls in the world. So, guys, you must hurry up. I`m still free, but not for a long.)
5. Women - weaker sex
Many critical situations, such as prolonged starvation, thirst, or sudden temperature changes, women endure more persistently. In addition, women are much better at resisting infections.

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