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Kiss tightly)))

Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

There are no bad women. There are no bad men. We reflect each other's actions. What is filled, so share. What you give is what you are raking.

I would like to live for a day with the brain boxes of a man and understand the behavior and decision-making, sometimes not male ... But I'm just a weak and emotional woman, so I will write it to my ...

Look, one and the same woman behaves in completely different ways, depending on which men's hands she will be carried into, whether it is difficult, or perhaps fortunately. And the following happens: with a confident and reliable guy, not a kid (please do not confuse), she will sparkle with the sides of complaisance, affection, responsiveness, while with an unbalanced, embittered and cowardly dude, she will go out with her lordship and turn into a twitched tantrum. I know for sure that a woman is a reflection of a man. How he manifests himself, how dear she will lead her, so she will manifest herself.

When a woman is called by representatives of an allegedly strong half of humanity as a hysteria, one should also understand the correctness of the charges, because very often, if not always, a woman's hysteria is a natural defensive reaction to a man’s behavior. Just ... instead of understanding, protecting and gently hugging, he begins to behave like an aggressive cattle, while in every possible way arranging demonstrations by moral pressure.

But in general, infa for not quite advanced men in female physiology - due to natural hormones (I hope such a thing as PMS is familiar ...) every woman can have breakdowns and norms, a man will not compete with a female boiling point at such moments. He just sidestepped so as not to catch the arrival ...)))

But how a weak and uninformed man behaves, and he perceives female emotions as a kind of whim, and instead of extinguishing the outward situation with his Nordic attitude to the problem of an emotional woman, he, on the contrary, begins to escalate even more or even cowardly runs away, looking for support to cry in a waistcoat about how he got tired poor from the tantrums of a vile woman....

Just an adequate guy understands what, precisely, a woman absorbs a sponge from him, his energy of vivacity or sadness, determination and gentle touching her soul ... When he confidently holds her hand in his respect and support ... And a woman blossoms a marvelous flower of bliss, her eyes sparkle with gratitude, and a smile plays with happiness. The man’s actions, when they are without games and pain, change the woman’s internal attitude to a wave of qualitative euphoria. A good man will have a good woman, and where a good woman is, there is harmony, order, joy, and happiness.

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