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Feet massage ! Something new in our massage parlor !

Name:Yana, ID: 20212
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone! Have you heard great news ????? In my city was opened a special massage parlor ! This massage parlor has a special service )))) you will never guess it. Then I will tell you! They have a FOOT MASSAGE service ! Have you ever had one ???? I had it and I loved that a lot !!! !Now you will know how everything happens.
You are wearing the swimsuit and go to the Jacuzzi, the water is very fantastic , full of oils and pleasant flavor. That relaxes you about 10 minutes and then a lady or a man comes and starts massaging your legs. If you are a man – you have a massage from a woman and if you are a woman you have a massage from a man. Sounds interesting???? The man uses his hands to give pleasure to your feet, then he uses special electronic massager to give pleasure to your feet. That was a fantastic jacuzzi time!
I asked myself why feet massage is so special! That is because Feet are filled with nerve endings, and with the addition of massage oil and lotion, a foot massage can be anything from relaxing to very special.
If you also like such kind of massages you can write me and we will discuss this topic more ))))

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