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Are lady’s legs in your top favourite list?

Name:Yana, ID: 20212
Category:Ladies' Posts

Everyone knows what men like in women. That is not a secret at all. Lovely shapes have always caught men’s eyes. I started to ask my friends what part of women’s body they are looking at. And in top three was LEGS !
oh yes ! Straight long legs with high heels – always look beautiful, elegant and sexy. And when a man starts touching these legs….. looking at them, looking at the neat toes polished with bright colors , that just touch men’s eyes and wake special feelings up ! When these legs have short jeans skirt – oh my !!!! The men become crazy and want to cherish these legs with their special accessories.
I have long and straight legs and always try to keep them neat and polished. But I don’t have the one who will love them and estimate their beauty.
What do you cherish in your lady dear stranger? Are lady’s legs also in your favourite list? Write me back to discuss this topic !

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