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Food for thought

Name:Rob , ID: 20988
Category:Gentlemen Posts

We are what we eat!
Did you know the appearance of some foods is related to the part of our body most benefited by the nutrients in that specific food? For example;
Walnuts look like our brains because, Omega- 3 fatty acids are rich in walnuts, and help our brains, in fact fats are the only nutrient our brain utilizes. So when someone calls you a fathead, that's not so bad actually.
Kidney beans, shaped like our kidneys, are full of fiber to help eliminate waste. Kidneys are the filter of our bloodstream.
Tomatoes sliced in half exhibit four chambers similar to our heart. High in the powerful antioxidants Lycopene and Vitamin C, tomato actually a fruit, can help lower blood pressure.
Carrots sliced in half resemble our eye. Beta carotene is great for good vision, even sounding like a carrot.
Grapes and pomegranates cut in half look like the small sacs in our lungs called Alveoli.
A banana looks like our smile. These popular fruits contain Tryptophan, a precursor to Serotonin, the brains "feel good" chemical. So eat a banana and smile today.

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