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Why do we want to bite our loved one?

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Have you ever had an irresistible urge to bite your soul mate? If you think of it sensibly, then this desire may seem rather strange. How can you, having tender feelings for your beloved, seek to hurt him? Why do we want to bite or even eat a loved one whole? However, this behavior is quite common.

Gigil (gigil, Tagalog, Philippines) is an irresistible desire to pinch or bite a loved one, which is caused by an overabundance of feelings for him.

The desire to bite a person is usually manifested in relation to the very best - loved ones and loved ones.
Psychologists even have a special term "sweet aggression", which they try to explain the nature of this phenomenon.
Some researchers say that a gigil attack helps an individual cope with the intensity of emotions and compare it with laughter through tears or, conversely, a smile when something really sad has happened. Others explain it not so much with psychology as with the instincts that a person inherited from his distant ancestors and unite him with the animal world.
Oddly enough, psychologists attribute gijil to a form of tactile communication between two people - it is a kind of touch, but not with hands or lips, but with the help of teeth. The human brain is quite complicated, it is possible that people whose level of aggression is higher than others (it can be both women and men) react less calmly to the stimulus, including in the positive sense of the word.

However, this does not mean that you do not need to control yourself when you are suddenly overwhelmed by feelings in relation to the object of your passion, your own child or pet - love bites happen not only in relation to partners. It must be remembered that you are in a fit of passion, you can hurt your beloved being. This is what distinguishes man from animals - the ability to control their instincts.

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