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Lviv my love place

Name:Anna, ID: 27586
Category:Ladies' Posts

LVIV, I dreamed of going there. so the cards were formed this time and I didn’t resist. I always associated lions with Prague, everyone says so, even though I wasn’t in Prague, but I decided to think so in my head, but when I saw this city was buzzing for two days to Eve that it was like paris. on the way back in the compartment we were traveling with an elderly man, he is from lions, and he also said this phrase: “Lviv are like paris”, and even with all the magic of such associations, he said that he does not like Lviv, he loves Odessa.
my personal emotions: I want more! I want to come back when it's warm! I think that Lviv are the pride of Ukraine. I miss France very much, so I want to take the maximum from our “Ukrainian Paris”.
the purpose of the trip was not touristic, so I still have time, but I dropped into the places that I dreamed about: the Masoch and the Masonic lodge. The only thing is, I’m sorry that they didn’t bargain with us in the Masonic lodge.
a separate story is the “fashion” place, we were told by more than one local resident that this is the best place in lviv for spending the night, well, ok, we booked a table. “we booked a table in 2005” i am so unaccustomed to such places but i laughed a lot, on a normal day i would not go to such a place, music and people are not my vibe but damn, in the end i didn’t imagine a better place for my mood that day was cool.

thanks Lviv

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