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Near a real man, any woman will bloom like a flower. Do you agree with me?

Name:Oksana, ID: 18448
Category:Ladies' Posts

Many women think that a man owes everything to her. Is this so? This man does not have to prove anything to anyone! Nowadays a new stereotype has appeared. Man, this is the head of the family. But not a servant. When a man behaves with dignity, any woman will bloom like a flower next to him. And this is a fact. I am sometimes ashamed of women who do not behave respectfully. In relation to the man. After all, we choose for a reason. After all, the most powerful, for example the flight into space, made a man. This man does not have to prove anything to anyone! My opinion is that a man should constantly create himself some problems. Training situations in which you need to get out of the situation. Create and overcome. And then he will be formed as a man. Then both will be happy :)

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