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FIRST SNOW .... It can bring a special surprise ....

Name:Milena, ID: 18688
Category:Ladies' Posts

White beauty is everywhere… it covered the whole ground with its wonderful appearance… Snow… snow everywhere … it is first …. It is fresh and clean… and so soft.. white innocence ….romance… I am going outside and see the street table with white snow on it. And I have an idea – How it would be wonderful to write the name of the second half on this table… to write with the finger through the snow… and the letters will be seen very well.. .and then it would be great to take the photo of this and send it as a surprise to the second half… I know that I would take such photo with pleasant smile and love in heart . Such moments make the lovable couple closer to each other But then I am thinking that I am still lonely and there is nobody near to make him happy with such wonderful snow surprise…. On the table I am writing such words “I love you ” and I am drawing the heart …. What word would YOU like to write on the snow, dearest reader of my blog ? Maybe one day we will write the names of each other ? what do you think about this ? Truly yours

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