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Flowery secrets in Ukraine !

Name:Yulia, ID: 21906
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How many women dream about amazing fresh flowers in their hands given by their sweethearts !!!! Flowers symbolize beauty, fresh air, love, fantastic mood. They create a real holiday around us making our life brighter !!! But that is the general meaning…. You should be very careful with flowers when you come to different countries. If you are in France, don’t give your lady one chrysanthemum because this is the symbol of the sadness. Have you ever heard that the bouquet of sunflowers ,given in Italy, is the symbol of wealth, happiness and sincerity .
But what about Ukraine? How to avoid the confusing situation if you want to present your lady this or that flower. So I will tell you some secrets now.
Just look ! In Ukraine the number of the flowers in your bunch is extremely important. Three flowers – mean respect, five – recognition, seven- love and nine flowers - also respect . The even number of the flowers mean mourning. So if you want to make your woman happy – present her only the odd number of flowers in one bouquet.
Now I gonna talk about the meaning of the precise flower.
ORCHID in a Ukrainian floristry means beauty and love. The Queen of the flowers ROSE means passionate love. Such amazing flower as TULIP means delight and love. And what about LILY ? Oh, this flower means purity and good intentions. If you want to present your lady CHAMOMILE, be sure that you tell your lady that you have romantic intentions. If you want to make your lady happy with LILAC - so this flower means first love. What about RED CARNATION ? Oh…. this flower is the rare guest in the bouquet because it is for sad events .
In Ukraine it is considered to be polite to ask your lady what flowers she likes. In such way that will help a gentleman to choose the correct flowers to his lady.
But there is one more important thing ! The Colour of the flowers is also a very important thing. Try to avoid a yellow colour for your flowers because in Ukraine yellow is the colour of separation.
I hope this blog was useful for you . Thanks a lot for your attention !
Yours Julia

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