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don't be afraid to enjoy the life

Name:Tatyana, ID: 19659
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello to everyone! Being new here, I would like to let you know who I am and will be very happy to make new acquaintances with "inhabitants" of this site :) There was a moment in my life when I realized I wanted to change everything! I think everybody has experienced a desire to stop for a while, breathe deep and think, what he/she really wants and in what direction to move further. I don't know from what times, but I have stopped living in the moment "now".With a list of things to do, 2 smartphones in hands I am dipped into an endless fuss, I am totally involved in tasks, plans, actions, I am like one huge head, which is systematically being filled in with new knowledge. But WOMAN - is anyway feelings and emotions! I have realized I need to pay more attention to my feelings and stop being "dry piece of bread". Somebody hides from fear, somebody is not taught to express himself, all have different reasons. At the present time, I put aside my phone more often and try to be here and now. I look at everything around, examine, touch, smell, enjoy the sun, listen to myself. And every day I ask myself questions: "And what have I felt today? What pleasant emotions have I had? What I really want to do and say?" And I like what happens to me. My days have become quite brighter, full of emotions. Please try and open your life from another forgotten side. Life is so short, that we should live and feel here and now! I am totally ready for a sweet and wonderful relationship in my life, I am ready to share all myself! And hopefully, soon I will meet a man here, who want to share his life with me! Warmly, Tatyana

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