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Magic of the flowers

Name:Julia, ID: 16040
Category:Ladies' Posts

I greet everyone who is online and can read my thoughts connected with a very important part in relationships between two lovable couples. Women by their nature like men's attention so much, especially when it is a surprise and this surprise is connected with the flowers. I don't know any women in my round who wouldn't love flowers and I am not an exception. I even know one girl who was dating with a man and during all dates he brought one rose each time when he met the girl. She was so happy about this , actually small things can make people very happy . Do you agree with this? But I would make something more …. if my man presented me a wonderful bunch of roses, I would take the petals of them and cover our bed with red leaves because they symbolize love, passion, sexy bodies and fresh atmosphere into relationships. There is another way of using these red petals. It would be great to cover a bath with them, put candles and turn off the light and the roses will have other view, they will give the new visual emotions for a lovable couple. The woman will put the petals on her body and the man will take them with their lips and will kiss the part of the lady's body that was covered under the red petal. Russian and Ukrainian women like flowers so much and they think that if a man presents the flowers so he is a very attentive man who wants to have his woman.
Lovely flowers for a dearest woman – a simple gesture to make a woman happy. I don't mean now that only men should show their attention in such small surprises. No-no, women also should make men happy with this. I just wanted to tell that flowers can be not only in the vase but create happiness for lovable couple in bed and in the bath.....

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