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Name:Anna, ID: 19869
Category:Ladies' Posts

Everyone dreams about happy life …. Happiness is in understanding, having free time for making the dreams come true, financial possibilities, among people who understand you and make you happy with their communication. And, of course, happiness is in soul relationships – those ones that make life of every woman and every man full of sense . The sense of life is to find your second half – YIN OR YANG by Chinese points of view.
In my country there is a very nice proverb – don’t be born beautiful, be born happy. I completely agree with this proverb and when I tell you now my story you will understand why.
When I was a child, I looked plump and classmates sometimes laughed at me. They told me that I am fat and not pleasant. Children always say without thinking before telling something )))) agree? But my mum always told me – my sweet baby, the main is to be happy in this life. And your happiness will find you. I was a teenager and I became slimmer and good looking but as you see in my profile photo I have big peaches and the nature gave them to me with the purpose to make my future man happy. Sometimes men think that oh ! I don’t want such woman because she has so big ….but I am sure that I will find the lover of such beauties that I have. I think that what is natural can’t be unpleasant or so.
When I registered here in this place I saw that there are so many online good –looking elegant brides and all of them are slim and don’t have such lush shape like me. I know that slim ladies attract man’s attention more. But LUSH BEAUTY is also the question of the taste. Many men get tired from touching the slim body but they dream to hug a woman who has the forms like me.
I am a woman who has nice work, nice friends, a nice house for living and everything of those makes me happy. But I am searching for a man who will know for sure that the time in his life came for his LUSH BEAUTY.
Your Anna

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