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What is love?...

Name:Ludmila, ID: 21439
Category:Ladies' Posts

“And even if you found out, wouldn't you be jealous?”
- To be jealous? Why on earth?
“And what if I thought of a woman from my past, being next to you?” Would you not worry that I could leave you for her? To survive?
- No.
“You probably don't love me.”
“You don't understand what you're talking about.” Love has nothing to do with jealousy and fear of losing. I love you, but if you want to leave, because you cannot forget another woman, it will be good. This will be true. Because if you stayed, it would mean that you are lying.
If you leave, it just means that we do not fit each other, and it’s good that you left. Because if you stayed, you would take the place of someone who suits me. Anyone who suits me will not leave. No need to worry about anything. Everything is always good.
“You love so strangely ... It’s like you don’t know how to become attached at all, don’t be jealous ...”
“You still don't understand what you're talking about.” Love has nothing to do with affection. To become attached and jealous means not to love oneself. Consider yourself worse than someone, afraid that such as it is - you - will not be loved. Compare. You cannot compare yourself to anyone. You are you. You have your life She is given to you. It is a gift. Do not waste it on comparing yourself with others. It's a delusion. You should look only at yourself. Then you will not be mistaken. Then no one will leave, because you will see immediately whether this person suits you.

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