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Name:Olga, ID: 21384
Category:Ladies' Posts

I noticed one interesting fact, many girls in blogs write about feelings, desire for a relationship and passionate and true love. My experience suggests that love should be personal. But how to attract attention and maintain only started relationship, many girls do not know.
They give a lot of advice on the Internet, and everything is connected with appearance, clothes and desire. But let's face it, we are women, and sometimes we look bad, we wake up ugly. So, how to keep a man? The answer is simple, tasty and beautiful food. Our grandmothers told us that man loves to eat.
My grandmother told me that tasty cooked meat, made beautiful delicious cake or bake, makes the relationship easier. In addition, for a delicious and pleasant dinner, it is always easier to report the news. Especially if you scratched his car (boys likes his toys). And in general, listen to what the man tells you about food. Men are simple addictions, and it is very easy to learn how to cook.
Therefore, men, since you are reading this post, write, what is your favorite dish? And I promise, when we meet, I will delight you with my culinary creations.

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