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Keep Your Enigma

Name:Veronika, ID: 25799
Category:Ladies' Posts

Nowadays almost everyone likes to take photos. People take the photos of themselves on the beaches , shops, houses, apartments , nature and even in the space !!!! )))) Everyone wants to tell the world that he or she is unique ! Agree?
As for me I also like taking photos of myself. If the woman is beautiful she has to show her beauty to the world but of course in normal limits. I am strongly believe that every lady should have her mystery and enigma. A man should know that his woman is unique and she has something that nobody saw . Only a man – a second half of the lady – can know this mystery and appreciate his woman for this.
Where can that enigma be…. Well, this enigma is a very personal thing that can happen between a man and a woman in a special place where both feel themselves comfortable. A couple shows a physical beauty to each other , exchanges the energy . The lady gives her man pleasant touches, care, hugs and kisses and the union of sweet hearts happens in a sacrifice place .
I am sure that a Ukrainian woman has a lot of hidden mysteries, that can make a single man happy. Open heart, hospitality, care and family orientation - these are only four mysteries of Ukrainian ladies. But there are much more that should be opened by each man in his lady !
So take photos and like taking photos but leave something that should be opened in you by your second half !

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