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If I were a boy

Name:Inna, ID: 21383
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello!! Well, yeah, I know title is a very interesting)) Actually, what I wanted to say that all of us dream at least of one day to become someone else. I would like to become a man for one day. Just one day and nothing more! You might ask me, why??? Why do you need it?
Ok, honestly, I would like to do it just to understand men's psychology. I understand, that one day is not enought to understand this great big world of men's thoughts, but just for beginning. So, I was always interested in men's thoughts. I wanted to know how do they feel love, passion, what they think and how do they accept it. Of course, I understand that men feel it in totally different way than women. I think its wonderfull!
I would like to know how man looks at a woman and what does he think when he sees her. I think it can be interesting!

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