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A MAN amongst men.

Name:Evgeniya, ID: 19503
Category:Ladies' Posts


If to ask any person nowadays who should make first step to each other: woman or man? You could get different answers. But earlier one postulate on all turns of history remained invariable: the woman should be won. Men fought in tournaments, pierced each other with swords, engaged in duels, mastered ornate compliments, composed poems, serenaded. And all this was done in order to get the desired lady in their arms and got her hand and heart. What made us give up all these advantages? The men voluntarily gave up the advantages of the hunter-conqueror, and the women denied themselves the pleasure of showing resistance, being fully confident that it would be overcome.

Why I am telling this? Because I noticed that men are afraid to make first step to the woman, even if they fall in love with a Lady. Men are sitting in their “ holes” like crayfish and waiting when the most sexy, smart and wise woman come closer to their armour and be theirs forever. I noticed that on dating site where men can be some more active in search, because you have opportunity to look closer to woman ( look photos, videos), read her wishes and goals( before start talk) still are shy and afraid. Probably I am old fashioned woman, but I believe that man should be Man from big letter and make this first step towards woman. I want to have feeling like I am a Lady, desirable and beautiful and not a usual woman in the store, who is walking, looking and pick up the best dish to home with herself. I am not waiting serenades near my window, I am not waiting hundreds of roses as a sign of love.

My first and biggest desire to meet a man who will have the same way of thinking like me. Who will be more stronger than me, who will be more brave to make first step, the man who knows what is romance in our simple life, the man who see in me a Lady with a big heart and big soul and not just a hundred’s blonde in his life. I am worth to be with a Man, with a Man who doesn’t waiting miracles, but who does miracles in his daily life.

Probably I am too naïve to believe such Man exists . But I am a wise lady who knows, that such man somewhere is near me, somewhere here on this site and he is going to be brave enough to ask me something very simple but with mix of miracles)


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