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A week of new experiments!

Name:Veronika, ID: 19587
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone!

I want to share some of my thoughts about free time activity for couples. Nowadays people don’t know what to do together if not watch movies and go to a coffee shop. I have a wish that in my future relationship man would be agree with me to spend one week for a month without Internet and make those 7 days special. I want my man be enough adventurous man. I don’t mean to jump from high building or something like that))LOL)) But to be ready to do something different every day for 7 days every month. For example)

1 day it could be cycling, no matter where, how long, but just to experiment the wind, freedom and have a lot of laughter.

2 day could be a romantic dinner somewhere on the roof of the building. I would like to decorate everything there with candles, music and nice meals to enjoy evening time together.

3 day could be an experimental cooking day. Why not?) To cook only new meals and just hope that everything will be okay and we will not go to sleep hungry)))LOL)) And it is completely fine to me if man can not cook, as I can cook everything and I would be glad to have just a simple help in the kitchen and laugh and kiss there a lot reading next step of cooking meals.

4 day could be named by fishing day, if it is nice weather. Even without experience of it before it could be totally fun day, full of fresh air, tent somewhere near water and nice barbeque after fishing)

5 day could be a day in the cinema ,last rows and nice movie, it has a taste of romance and some crazy desires)

6 day could be a day of driving to new places. Not matter where or how far,just to drive somewhere, listen radio and sing songs, even if you don’t have ear for music))Like me,LOL)

And the last 7 day could be the day of dances. I would like to learn some new moves and it could be really nice and sweet)
My conclusion is: I want that man would not afraid to tell his desires and make everything real whatever is on mind. To not be afraid to say NO to Internet and just spend one week every month not like you prefer to spend it daily. I know it is hard to change anything, even small details of routine life. But if you try it at least once- you will see how beautiful and wonderful could be days together. I am very open minded woman and I want my man be the same open kind of man)


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